Peter Merry

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Peter Merry is a creative thinker-doer committed to making the biggest possible positive impact with the least possible effort. Peter is co-founding Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity, founder of the Center for Human Emergence (Netherlands), and a founding partner of Engage!

Peter Merry received an M.Sc. in Human Ecology from Edinburgh University, a B.A. Combined Honours in French and German from Exeter University, and a Ph.D. from Ubiquity University.

Peter serves as Ubiquity University’s Chief Innovation Officer. He is a recognized expert in the field of evolutionary systems dynamics and Spiral Dynamics Integral in particular. His first book was published in English and Dutch (Evolutionary Leadership, 2005) and his second in 2019 (Why Work? on designing work for people and planet). His third book Leading from the Field was published at the end of November 2020. He has an MSc in Human Ecology from Edinburgh University and a PhD from Ubiquity’s Wisdom School on volution theory (see :: His personal website is His academic profile with papers can be found at ::

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 509 Wed 6/29/22 Day 3 The Tarot Experiences VR
Day 510 Thu 6/30/22 Day 4 Global Consciousness Project
Day 511 Fri 7/1/22 Day 5 Signs in the Fields of Consciousness
Day 529 Wed 7/27/22 How Intuition can assist Large Scale Energetic Work
Day 593 Wed 11/30/22 A Fundamental Paradigm Shift in Exploring Consciousness & its Practical Applications
Day 598 Wed 12/07/22 Technologies of Hope III: Conscious Technology
Day 601 Mon 12/12/22 Modern-day Magic I - Hacking Yourself
Day 602 Tue 12/13/22 Modern-day Magic II - Hacking the World
Day 767 Mon 9/25/23 Science & Consciousness - Building evidence that consciousness exists outside of the brain
Day 768 Tue 9/26/23 Science & Consciousness: Children’s Unexplained Experiences in a Post Materialist World
Day 769 Wed 9/27/23 Science & Consciousness: Spirituality and Time
Day 770 Thu 9/28/23 Science & Consciousness: The (E)Volution of Time
Day 771 Fri 9/29/23 Science & Consciousness: Freedom from Time
Day 833 Mon 1/15/24 Science & Consciousness Summit I: Foundations of Scientific Research into Consciousness
Day 834 Tue 1/16/24 Science & Consciousness Summit II: The Science and Consciousness of Remote Perception
Day 835 Wed 1/17/24 Science & Consciousness Summit III: The Science and Consciousness of Telepathy and Mediumship
Day 836 Thu 1/18/24 Science & Consciousness Summit IV: The Science and Consciousness of Intention and Co-Creation
Day 837 Fri 1/19/24 Science & Consciousness Summit V: Consciousness Technologies

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