Peter Merry

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Peter Merry is a creative thinker-doer committed to making the biggest possible positive impact with the least possible effort. Peter is co-founding Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity, founder of the Center for Human Emergence (Netherlands), and a founding partner of Engage!

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 509 Wed 6/29/22 Day 3 The Tarot Experiences VR
Day 510 Thu 6/30/22 Day 4 Global Consciousness Project
Day 511 Fri 7/1/22 Day 5 Signs in the Fields of Consciousness
Day 529 Wed 7/27/22 How Intuition can assist Large Scale Energetic Work
Day 593 Wed 11/30/22 A Fundamental Paradigm Shift in Exploring Consciousness & its Practical Applications
Day 598 Wed 12/07/22 Technologies of Hope III: Conscious Technology
Day 601 Mon 12/12/22 Modern-day Magic I - Hacking Yourself
Day 602 Tue 12/13/22 Modern-day Magic II - Hacking the World
Day 767 Mon 9/25/23 Science & Consciousness - Building evidence that consciousness exists outside of the brain
Day 768 Tue 9/26/23 Science & Consciousness: Children’s Unexplained Experiences in a Post Materialist World
Day 769 Wed 9/27/23 Science & Consciousness: Spirituality and Time
Day 770 Thu 9/28/23 Science & Consciousness: The (E)Volution of Time
Day 771 Fri 9/29/23 Science & Consciousness: Freedom from Time

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