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Humanity Rising Day 207   –   Thursday March 18, 2021

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Our Digital Health

This is the fourth in a series of five webinars examining different aspects of the theme of health in its widest sense, from the perspective of two European health NGOs, both committed to supporting social change:

Nordic Health 2030 is a network of 30 or more Nordic organizations supporting better health through an equal balance between care and prevention. They are value-driven, committed to trust and openness, creativity and innovation, the concept of individual responsibility and finally, to cultivation: building on these principles through social movements. Represented here by Lars Münter who leads our Communications as he does at his ‘day-job’ with the Danish Committee for Health Education, in Copenhagen.

The European Health Futures Forum is a network organization registered in Ireland, but with Directors and Board reflecting its international focus. EHFF seeks to transform healthcare and improve the well-being of European citizens by highlighting and addressing prominent factors impacting health and wellness. EHFF is also value-driven, seeking to address, through the lens of health and wellbeing, issues such as social cohesion, dysfunctional financial models, environmental sustainability and education with an open-source, inclusive, and inter-generational approach. David Somekh, Network Director, on behalf of his EHFF colleagues, has co-produced these webinars.

This week we move on from looking at the overall Health ecosystem to examining different facets of a topic that is attracting a great deal of attention at the moment – digital health. While digital may have the capacity to transform the way healthcare is delivered (and has already started to do so) as with any innovation, there are a host of new issues that come with it.


  • Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director digital health hub, SITRA, provides an overview from the leading innovation foundation in Finland
  • Prof. Mike Bewick, former Deputy Medical Director, NHS England, talks about his work on digital literacy
  • Kieran Walsh, Clinical Director, British Medical Journal, provides a perspective on the use of digital health during the COVID pandemic
  • Dipak Kalra, President of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data, offers a European view on how better health data can transform care
  • Victoria Betton, MD, PeopleDotCom.Ltd, shares her experience of how to create bottom-up digital innovation
  • Anders Tunold-Hanssen, Nordic Interoperability Project, and Nicolaj Holm Faber, Chief Advisor to the Danish Committee for Health Education, will offer practical examples


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