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2020 - (May to December) - Menu

HR!Day001 - Global Summit Establishing The Power Of Women In The World
HR!Day002 - Indigenous Voices from the Front Lines of Climate Justice and the COVID-19 Pandemic
HR!Day003 - Re-Believing our World: Community, Creativity and Spirituality
HR!Day004 - Courage And Compassion In Collaboration: Creating Resilient, Creative And Diverse Circles Of Change
HR!Day005 - Codes for a Healthy Earth: Governance for Whole-System Health
HR!Day006 - Women Entrepreneurs Amplifying The Feminine Spirit
HR!Day007 - Transforming The Pandemic Crisis Into An Opportunity
HR!Day008 - Future Is Origin YINVEST In Systematic Healing For A New Prosperous Earth
HR!Day009 - A Living Room Conversation - Anita Sanchez
HR!Day010 - Poetry Of Human Rights (no recording available)
June 2020

HR!Day011 - NextGen Leadership Week: Day 1 -- Future Capitalism & The Planet: Youth Green Business
HR!Day012 - NextGen Leadership Week: Day 2 -- Personal Empowerment And Leadership In Times Of Crisis
HR!Day013 - Shaping a Safer Tomorrow: The MBA journey and motivation behind tackling COVID-19 challenges
HR!Day014 - From Anxiety to Agency: How to step up instead of shut down in times of crisis?
HR!Day015 - Leadership, Entrepreneurship And A World Beyond Covid19
HR!Day016 - Education And Integral Wisdom
HR!Day017 - Next Gen Week Shaping The Future Together
HR!Day018 - Charles Eisenstein - The Pandemic, George Floyd And The World To Come
HR!Day019 - Whole System Change - Part 1
HR!Day020 - Whole System Change - Part 2
HR!Day021 - Interconnecting the Elements of Global Transformation
HR!Day022 - Behaviour Change At Scale
HR!Day023 - Radical Collaboration
HR!Day024 - Personal Resilience
HR!Day025 - Communities For Change
HR!Day026 - Social Movements
HR!Day027 - Dialogue With Vandana Shiva
HR!Day028 - Strategies For New Business
HR!Day029 - Crowdsourcing And Regenerative Business
HR!Day030 - Dialogue With Rollin McCraty on Global Coherence
HR!Day031 - Feeding The Soul
HR!Day032 - UN Unity Week
HR!Day033 - New Approaches To Global Challenges Reforming The Global System, Dealing With Climate Living With Microbes
HR!Day034 - Global Planet Authority
HR!Day035 - Money Still Rules The World- Move Your Money And Start Making Demands
HR!Day036 - United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
HR!Day037 - Weaving Community In A Fragmented World - Inspirations And Challenges From The Global Ecovillage Network
HR!Day038 - Dialogue With Jean Houston
HR!Day039 - Scaffolding: Helping to Support a New Paradigm in it's Becoming
HR!Day040 - The New Art Economy - The New Art For Humanity Rising
July 2020

HR!Day041 - How A World View Can Empower Transformational Change
HR!Day042 - Dialogue with Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD
HR!Day043 - The Home For Humanity Story: The Artistry Of Integral Worldmaking
HR!Day044 - Co-Creating A Culture Of Love And Wisdom
HR!Day045 - The Birth Of The Leo-Aquarius Age And The Forging Of The Leonine Human
HR!Day046 - Beyond Neo Libralism: The Dawn Of A New Civiliszaion
HR!Day047 - Reconsidering Leadership: Unlearning And Providing For A More Equitable Emerging Future
HR!Day048 - Spirituality In Times Of Dis-Ease: How To Move From Sorrow To Strength
HR!Day049 - The Solutions To The Worlds Problems Already Exist: Now What?
HR!Day050 - Dreaming Our World
HR!Day051 - Education For A New World
HR!Day052 - Social Entrepreneurship
HR!Day053 - Centres of Light – a vital catalyst
HR!Day054 - Lessons from the French Revolution for a world in the grip of a pandemic
HR!Day055 - Energy Work At Scale
HR!Day056 - Healthy Human Habitats
HR!Day057 - People Planet Purpose or Prophet? Is sustainability spirituality? And who’s listening to Nature?
HR!Day054 - UP Leveling With Members Of The Curiosity Generation. The First Generation Not Defined By Age
HR!Day059 - Artivism, Race And The Environment
HR!Day060 - Connecting The Dots
HR!Day061 - Transformations in Learning in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) World
HR!Day062 - Transpersonal Contribution to Human Evolution
HR!Day063 - Embracing Doughnut and Regenerative Economics as pathways to a Better Future
HR!Day064 - Fundamentals of Doughnut Economics
HR!Day065 - Cities that are Applying the Doughnut Economic Approach
HR!Day066 - Alternative Economic Systems
HR!Day067 - Innovative Approaches to Regenerative Economics
HR!Day068 - Wellbeing Economy Alliance
HR!Day069 - Bouncing Beyond
HR!Day070 - Dialogue With Thomas Hubl
HR!Day071 - From Value Chains & Circular Economies to System Value Cycles
HR!Day072 - Mindsets for Change: How Conscious Leaders Design Meaningful Action Toward a Vital World
HR!Day073 - Voices From The Elders
HR!Day074 - Creating Sustainable Brands
HR!Day075 - Developing Personal Empowerment in a Time of COVID
HR!Day076 - Practicing Pause post COVID-19
HR!Day077 - Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy: Commemorating The 75th Anniversary Of Hiroshima
HR!Day078 - Conscious Leadership
HR!Day079 - 8:8 StarLionsGate: Sacred Fire for Global Peace
HR!Day080 - Women Transforming our Nuclear Legacy: Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Nagasaki
HR!Day081 - Science As A Radical Collabrative Endeavor
HR!Day082 - A Crucial Time of Choice - Healing Humanity; Healing the Earth
HR!Day083 - NextGen 2030: Integral Actions for Everyday Life
HR!Day084 - Our Moment of Choice
HR!Day085 - Primal Spirituality: A Dialogue with David Karchere
HR!Day086 - Love, Trauma and the Alchemy of Transformation
HR!Day087 - Deep Human Super-Skills in a Brave New World: Understanding the Importance of Adaptive Resilience
HR!Day088 - Mindsets for Change: Conscious Leaders Innovating for a Better Future
HR!Day089 - Netherlands Rising. Reinforce Humanity, Help Your Country Rise
HR!Day090 - How does medicine need to evolve?
HR!Day091 - Conscious Evolution - From Contemplation to Action
HR!Day092 - Breaking Binaries -- From Gender Rigid to Gender Expansive ChatPeople
HR!Day093 - Transform yourself. Transform the world: A Panel Presentation from Naropa University
HR!Day094 - Creating Coherence through Music and the Arts
HR!Day095 - Stop Global Warming and Use the Heat
HR!Day096 - Dialogue with Brenda Dunne
HR!Day097 - Harmony of the Cosmos: What Pythagoras and Hildegard von Bingen Can Teach Us in the Time of Global Pandemic
HR!Day098 - Dialogue with Riane Eisler
HR!Day099 - International Day of Peace — Youth from around the world come together
HR!Day100 - The Rise of the Green Swans
HR!Day101 - The One and the Many (interview with Tim Freke)
HR!Day102 - The Future of Business: Humanistic Management and Regenerative Economics
HR!Day103 - Climate Change, Public Health and Litigation
HR!Day104 - Donald Trump and the Upcoming US Election
HR!Day105 - Mindsets for Change: Stopping the Next Pandemic by Creating a Safer Future for People and the Planet
HR!Day106 - Dialogue with Jonathan Porritt - discussing his book "Hope in Hell"
HR!Day107 - Radical Regeneration: A Dialogue with Andrew Harvey and Caroline Baker
HR!Day108 - Systems Design For A World With A Future
HR!Day109 - From Kailash to Davos, Planetary Pilgrimage for Protopia
HR!Day110 - The Planet Has No Party Lines - #GOTV!
HR!Day111 - Through our Dark Night to a New Day: Our Social and Spiritual Journey in a time of Crisis
HR!Day112 - Integral Transpersonal Education
HR!Day113 - FemmeQ — A Dialogue with a Mother and Daughter about Feminine IQ
HR!Day114 - Bouncing Beyond to a Regenerative World
HR!Day115 - Bouncing Beyond to a Regenerative World - Day 2 - Regeneration
HR!Day116 - Bouncing Beyond to a Regenerative World: Third Day — Harmony
HR!Day117 - Bouncing Beyond to a Regenerative World: Forth Day — Evolution
HR!Day118 - Bouncing Beyond to a Regenerative World: Fifth Day — Source
HR!Day119 - The Future of Impact Investing
HR!Day120 - NextGen Roundtable: Global Spotlight #1
HR!Day121 - Meeting the Mystery of Money
HR!Day122 - Awaken your Inner Navigator
HR!Day123 - A panel discussion from The Monastery, Manchester UK
HR!Day124 - Art and the Revolution:
HR!Day125 - NextGen Roundtable: Global Spotlight #2
HR!Day126 - Humanity Rising Chile
HR!Day127 - Tools for Healing the Personal to Transform the Collective
HR!Day128 - Shared Leadership between MEN and WOMEN: the Power of Connection
HR!Day129 - The Consequences of the US Presidential Election with Shelly Alcorn
HR!Day130 - The Consequences of the US Presidential Election with Charles Eisenstein, Vandana Shiva and Shelly Alcorn
HR!Day131 - The Consequences of the US Presidential Election with Joe Jaworski, Riane Eisler and Shelly Alcorn
HR!Day132 - The Consequences of the US Presidential Election — Election Aftermath - with Carolyn Baker, Jack Policar and Max Perrey
HR!Day133 - The Consequences of the US Presidential Election — Nov 6: The Larger Context of Light and Shadow
HR!Day134 - Communities for Future - catalyzing societal transformation through community-led action
HR!Day135 - Veteran Journalist and Bestselling Author Vladimir Pozner on the Stakes in U.S.-Russia Relations, the Role of the Media, and Citizen Diplomacy
HR!Day136 - Day136 VIRTUAL CITY: The New Frontier Of The Smart Cities
HR!Day137 - Sonic Coherence: Using Sound for Personal & Planetary Healing
HR!Day138 - Breakthroughs in Physics and Cosmology and the Rise of a New Story for Humanity
HR!Day139 - Trump’s Obstruction of US Presidential Election
HR!Day140 - Unshackled - How to liberate ourselves from reactive structures of mind
HR!Day141 - Dialogue with Malcolm Stern: How to thrive amidst loss and uncertainty
HR!Day142 - Daniel Ellsberg on Dismantling the “Doomsday Machine” to Avert Nuclear Catastrophe, Whistleblowing and the Future of Our Democracy
HR!Day143 - The Art of Grief: The Need for Community and Ritual
HR!Day144 - The Art of Grief, Part 2.
HR!Day145 - Bohm, Krishnamurti and the Unity of Everything
HR!Day146 - Book of Codes
HR!Day147 - We Are Nature, Reconnecting With Wisdom And Oneness
HR!Day148 - Day148 Dialogue With Zvi Ish-Shalom
HR!Day149 - How can Nature's Principles of Harmony Guide and Inform a New Way of Learning to Live?
HR!Day150 - From Cacophony to Coherence through the Arts and Philosophy
HR!Day151 - Returning to the Root: Contemplation and Stillness as a Pathway of Integration with Mary Magdalene as a Guide
HR!Day152 - Magic At Work - Engaging The Invisible Realms
HR!Day153 - The Vanishing Garden: Religion and the Fate of the Earth
HR!Day154 - Adaptability Quotient - AQ
HR!Day155 - Reshaping Capitalism: The Future of the Corporation
HR!Day156 - Reviewing the Year with Partners who helped start Humanity Rising
HR!Day157 - Transitioning to A Better Way
HR!Day158 - Celebrating Trees: A Dialogue with Clare Dubois

2021 - Menu

HR!Day159 - Cities Rising for a Regenerative World: AQtivating cities at scale
HR!Day160 - City & Community as Living Systems with Consciousness, Culture & Complex Adaptive Dynamics
HR!Day161 - City & Community Governance Principles & Structures That Support Local Conditions
HR!Day162 - Generate Ideas To Enable You To Use Tensions in Your City & Community To Best Mutually Serve You Both
HR!Day163 - Cities & Communities Are Vehicles for Regeneration When We Take Responsibility for Our Relationship With the Ecoregion Enabling Relationships of Reciprocity
HR!Day164 - Trump, the Attack on the US Capitol, and the Implications for Democracy in the United States
HR!Day165 - Touching The Heart & Healing The Soul of America
HR!Day166 - Humanity Rising Day166 - Was Skipped - Inauguration Day USA - January 20 2021
HR!Day167 - The Mind, the Self, and the Climate Emergency
HR!Day168 - Celebrating Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty "Entry into Force Day"
HR!Day169 - A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday
HR!Day170 - How the Major Religions can help save the Environment: Dialogue with Martin Palmer
HR!Day171 - Seed + Spark: Using Nature As A Model To Reimagine How We Learn & Live
HR!Day172 - Impact Investment for Regenerative Development, Earth Regeneration and Ecosystem
HR!Day173 - Science and Non Duality: A Dialogue with Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo
HR!Day174 - Dialogue with Charles Eisenstein on unfolding world events
HR!Day175 - Dialog with Lesley Southwick-Trask About Peace Week
HR!Day176 - Conscious Evolution: Why is it urgent and How do we reach it? - with Manda Scott
HR!Day177 - Creating Islands of Sanity In Seas of Chaos
HR!Day178 - THRIVE - a deep dive into the movies and movement
HR!Day179 - Revolutionary Love and Prophetic Empathy – A Strategy for Progressives for the Next Two Decades
HR!Day180 - How the United States Created Vladimir Putin
HR!Day181 - Radical Brilliance: How You can Create the Conditions to Be the Person who has Brilliant Ideas which Change the World for the Better
HR!Day182 - Health and Humanity
HR!Day183 - A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday II: Dialogue with Rupert Sheldrake and Will Keepin
HR!Day184 - Closing the Divide: The Alchemy of Right Relationship
HR!Day185 - Listening to the Indigenous Mind
HR!Day186 - Singing in a Burning World - Peter Merry in dialogue with Songwriter Luke Concannon
HR!Day187 - Healthy by Design
HR!Day188 - Compassion for Empaths: Lessons from Compassion Science
HR!Day189 - Towards a Paradigm of Co-Creation
HR!Day190 - Understanding the Current Status of the Pandemic: A dialogue with Dr. Chris Beyrer
HR!Day191 - Being Healthy Naturally
HR!Day192 - Health and the Wider Ecosystem
HR!Day193 - How do we want to work and live together? A Dialogue with Alfred Tolle
HR!Day194 - The Intersection of Race, Culture and Activism
HR!Day195 - The Intersection of Trauma, Compassion and Value Economics
HR!Day196 - The Intersection of Beliefs, the Arts and Transformation
HR!Day197 - The Intersection of Spirituality, Reality and Intention
HR!Day198 - The Intersection of Action, Agency and Impact
HR!Day199 - Trust in Life - Celebrating International Women’s Day
HR!Day200 - Connecting Worlds and Wisdom
HR!Day201 - Rethinking National Security w/ Glen Anderson
HR!Day202 - Ten Years Deep—Nuclear Power Disaster in Fukushima, Japan
HR!Day203 - The Vanishing Garden: Religion and the Fate of the Earth
HR!Day204 - Undoing Racism: Archetypal Energies, Race Relations, And Decolonizing The Anti-Black Racist Mind
HR!Day205 - A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday III: Dialogue with Marina Mangini, Jack Kornfeld and Paul Grof with Stan and Brigitte Grof
HR!Day206 - Evolutionary Intelligence: A Dialogue with Anatoly Balyaev about Spiral Dynamics
HR!Day207 - Our Digital Health
HR!Day208 - An Alternative View on the Pandemic and Vaccines with Gary Null, PhD
HR!Day209 - Reimagining how to Regenerate Life Systems, Livelihoods, Learning and Leadership during the Combined Climate/Coronaviruses Disruptions
HR!Day210 - Protecting Palestinian Human Rights Online
HR!Day211 - Macrocosmic Quantum Theory and the Future of Humanity
HR!Day212 - Mental Health, Longevity and a Working Future
HR!Day213 - Dialogue with Caroline Myss
HR!Day214 - Spreading A Smile on The Streets
HR!Day215 - How Being an Intellectual Shaman Can Help Change the World
HR!Day216 - Co-Creating Europe: Exploring the Potential of Unity and Diversity
HR!Day217 - Rewilding Humanity Rising
HR!Day218 - Distance Working
HR!Day219 - Homo Novus: The New Man of Wisdom and Heart
HR!Day220 - Emergence of the Sage Archetype — Sages Transforming the World
HR!Day221 - Radiation and Gender: The Effect of Radiation on Women
HR!Day222 - Repair, Restoration & Atonement: A Reckoning with Chattel Slavery and its Aftermath
HR!Day223 - The Krása Skyscapes Project: A Journey in Memory, Healing, and Transformation
HR!Day224 - A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday IV— The Art of Psychedelic Sitting: Dialogue with Rick Doblin and Diane Haug with Stan and Brigitte Grof
HR!Day225 - Regenerate Costa Rica
HR!Day226 - Communicating with Animals: A Dialogue with Pea Horsley
HR!Day227 - At the Front Lines of Climate Justice: A Dialogue with Osprey Orielle Lake
HR!Day228 - Queen Boudica: War-Leader of her people - and so much more
HR!Day229 - How the United States Created Vladimir Putin
HR!Day230 - The U Journey From Domination to Partnership
HR!Day231 - Pluri-Cultures and Pluri-Species Assemble to Celebrate “Everyday as Earth Day” in the Spirit of Regenerative Abundance
HR!Day232 - Tree Whispering on Earth Day
HR!Day233 - Using Chakras for Psychological Energy Assessment
HR!Day234 - Vibrational Intelligence™
HR!Day235 - Reflections of Second Generation Children of Holocaust Survivors
HR!Day236 - Mindhive: A new approach to Collective Intelligence
HR!Day237 - Gender Fluidity: A Dialogue with Donovan Ackley
HR!Day238 - Heart Coherence and Holistic Health: A Dialogue with Bruce Cryer
HR!Day239 - Creating Coherent Integration through Intentional Music
HR!Day240 - Growing up Black Inside Systemic Racism
HR!Day241- Revolution of the Mother: A dialogue with Eve Ensler (V) and Andrew Harvey
HR!Day242 - Deep Agroecology: Our Farms, Our Food, Our Future
HR!Day243 - Integral Polarity Practice
HR!Day244 - Indigenous Leadership for Regenerative, Healthy and Sustainable Communities
HR!Day245 - Sound for Personal and Planetary Healing
HR!Day246 - A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday V— Archetypal Astrology: Dialogue with Becca Tarnas, Renn Butler and Will Keepin with Stan and Brigitte Grof
HR!Day247 - The Peace Lab Presents a Dialogue with Bruce Lipton: The Pattern of Peace
HR!Day248 - Wilderness Therapy – Nurturing relationships with self, others and the natural world
HR!Day249 - Herman Hesse: Prophet and Visionary of a New World
HR!Day250 - Innate Capacities, Regeneration and Multidimensional Renewal
HR!Day251 - Shapeshifting and Identity: A Dialogue at the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality
HR!Day252 - The transformative power of health literacy - can we tame the infodemic beast?
HR!Day253 - Humanity Rising One Year Anniversary Celebration
HR!Day254 - Towards a Loving World: Leadership and Governance for Wellbeing
HR!Day255 - The Murder Of George Floyd, Black Maleness (Masculinity), And The “Dark Unknown Archetype” In Our Individual And Collective Consciousness
HR!Day256 - The Dialogues – Authors, experts and change agents gather to explore some of the systemic problems of our time
HR!Day257 - European Health Union - Political Pipe Dreams or Time for Next Level in Health Politics around the World?
HR!Day258 - Awakening Through Grief & Loss in a Time of COVID
HR!Day259 - Stronger Together with Diversity and Inclusion
HR!Day260 - The Constitutional Crisis in the United States
HR!Day261 - The UFOs are Here - With Daniel Sheehan
HR!Day262 - Cradle to Grave - Healthtech to the rescue?
HR!Day263 - From Boy to Man: The Need for Initiation
HR!Day264 - Actions For A Preferred Present and Future
HR!Day265 - Shapes that Shape Us
HR!Day266 - Biden’s Foreign Policy: Challenges, Stakes, Opportunities
HR!Day267 - Mental Health in a Time of COVID
HR!Day268 - The Magic and Mystery of Chartres
HR!Day269 - Relational Path to Regenerating Education
HR!Day270 - Healing Voice: Liberation Through the Ecstasy of Chant
HR!Day271 - Cassandra Speaks: When Women Are the Storytellers, The Human Story Changes
HR!Day272 - Inequality and Public Health
HR!Day273 - How to Be a Better Ancestor
HR!Day274 - Dialogue Creates
HR!Day275 - Dialogue with Robert Kennedy Jr.
HR!Day276- Let’s Talk! What does meaningful youth participation look like?
HR!Day277 - A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday — Navigating the Collective Death and Rebirth Facing Humanity: Dialogue with Rick Tarnas with Stan and Brigitte Grof
HR!Day278 - Exploring Unity: The Superorganism Meets the Holomovement
HR!Day279 - Dreaming a Pandemic Doorway
HR!Day280 - Report from Colombia:  Building Humaneness from Chaos
HR!Day281 - U.S. Defense Department “Report on The UFO Phenomenon
HR!Day282 - Happy Birthday, Stan Grof!
HR!Day283 - Leading a Country towards Comprehensive Healthcare - A dialogue between Peter Merry and Dr. Amir Hagos
HR!Day284 - Fractured Societies: How can we put them back together? Leveraging the power of the Connectors to combat Polarization
HR!Day285 - Toward a New Economics: A Dialogue with Hazel Henderson
HR!Day286 - The Caledonian Forest
HR!Day287 - A Collective Rite of Passage
HR!Day288 - Toward a World of Tolerance and Peace
HR!Day289 - Dialogue with Mac Macartney: Remembering the Ancestors
HR!Day290 - What Women Need from Men
HR!Day291 - The Dialogues
HR!Day292 - Biomimicry - Melina Angel, Nancy Woodman, Tamsin Woolley-Barker & Hugo Araujo
HR!Day293 - Reflections on the Future of Language in the Age of Information Technology
HR!Day294 - Feminine Intelligence for a Regenerative Future
HR!Day295 - Ecesis: How Nature can Save Humanity
HR!Day296 - Global Regeneration Corps
HR!Day297 - Not knowing, the Sacred Feminine and the Future of our Planet
HR!Day298 - U.S. Defense Department “Report on The UFO Phenomenon”
HR!Day299 - Healing the Emotional Pandemic
HR!Day300 - The Art and Science of Interconnectedness
HR!Day301 - Standing Up with Power
HR!Day302 - Polarity Paradigm Immersion
HR!Day303 - The Rise of the Future Humans
HR!Day304 - Responding to Code Red for Humanity
HR!Day305 - Next Phase Integral: A Dialogue with Ken Wilber
HR!Day306 - Killing Native American Children in Canada and the US
HR!Day307 - Confronting Christofascism: Healing the Evangelical Wound
HR!Day308 - Shelly Alcorn: where we are relative to where we have been
HR!Day309 - What is a Man? What is Masculinity?
HR!Day310 - The Transformative Power of Co-creation – professionals and citizens working together
HR!Day311 - Longevity Reimagined: Exploring the Concepts for a New Humanity
HR!Day312 - For Unity - A Tribute to Avon Mattison, Peace thru Regeneration
HR!Day313 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Interdependence
HR!Day314 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Environment
HR!Day315 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Economic Justice
HR!Day316 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Health
HR!Day317 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Children and Youth
HR!Day318 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Women
HR!Day319 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Human Rights
HR!Day320 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Freedom
HR!Day321 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Disarmament
HR!Day322 - Ubiquity University & We, The World Tribute to the Change Agents of Peace
HR!Day323 - Dialogue with Sri Preethaji
HR!Day324 - Health and the Environment. A view through the lens of environmental sustainability
HR!Day325 - Character Inclusion for Regenerative Societies
HR!Day326 - Andean Shamans Summit: The Culture and Tradition of the Q’ero People
HR!Day327 - Andean Shamans Summit: Yatsai: the gift of thinking and our purpose in life
HR!Day328 - Andean Shamans Summit: “Munay: the way of the heart"
HR!Day329 - Andean Shamans Summit: Uju Pacha: the Underworld
HR!Day330 - Andean Shamans Summit: The Qero Cosmology and Blessing of the Elders
HR!Day331 - Transforming Grief into Love / Education for Change
HR!Day332 - Project Adapt: the Wisdom of Living Adaptively in the face of Severe Climate Change
HR!Day333 - Extinction Rebellion and COP 26: A Dialogue with Rupert Read
HR!Day334 - Bottom-up innovation in European health: tail wagging the dog?
HR!Day335 - Integrating a holistic approach to kidney health
HR!Day336 - Letting Go of Nothing: A Dialogue with Peter Russell
HR!Day337 - Wholeness and Fragmentation: The Life and Work of David Bohm
HR!Day338 - Women on Men: What do women think of men and how men should transform?
HR!Day339 - The future in their hands? Seeking the views of young health professionals on where the European health ecosystem is heading
HR!Day340 - The Mystery of Near Death Experiences and Life After Life: A Dialogue with Ray Moody
HR!Day341 - Rethinking Strategy in 2021
HR!Day342 - Longevity Reimagined II: Exploring the Concepts for a New Humanity with Todd Ovokaitys
HR!Day343 - New Paradigms for Conflict Transformation
HR!Day344 - Transforming health and healthcare – do we need to think outside of the box?
HR!Day345 - Tarot, Polarity Therapy, Astrology, and the Chakras
HR!Day346 - HR Women’s Summit - Girl Driven Solutions - What is Beauty Telling Us?
HR!Day327 - Jaguar Path - Shamanic Training
HR!Day348 - Healing and Expanding Consciousness with the Scientific Use of Sound
HR!Day349 - Conscious Awakening Community
HR!Day350 - COP26 Humanity Rising Special Coverage: Understanding the COP
HR!Day351 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 1: What is at Stake for COP 26
HR!Day352 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 2: Soil Carbon: Our Future Beneath our Feet
HR!Day353 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 3: Endangered Species
HR!Day354 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 4: Code Red for Health Justice
HR!Day355 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 5: The Earth Charter: Expanding our attention from human and economic well-being to planetary well-being
HR!Day356 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 6: Climate Colonialism
HR!Day357 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 7: Citizen Action
HR!Day358 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 8: Cities Are Gaia’s Regeneration Hubs
HR!Day359 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 9: Oceans as key ecosystems for life on Earth
HR!Day360 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 10: A Message from the Amazon Rainforest to COP26: THE WORLD CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THE AMAZON
HR!Day361 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 11: How to Build Regenerative Communities
HR!Day362 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 12: Next Steps for Climate Action
HR!Day363-1 - The Masculine Dialogues Session 1
HR!Day363-2 - Man In Relationship To the Soul
HR!Day364-1 - Breaking Free of the "Man Box"
HR!Day364-2 - Men In Relationship To Women
HR!Day365-1 - The Apology: A Dialogue with V (formerly Eve Ensler)
HR!Day365-2 - Man in Relationship to Men
HR!Day366-1 - lconography of Black Manhood As It Relates To Transitions in Individual and Collective Consciousness
HR!Day366-2 - Man In Relationship To The World
HR!Day367-1 - Man in Relationship to the Natural World (Ipswa spoke)
HR!Day367-2 - The Masculine Dialogues Summary
HR!Day368 - Next Steps for the Climate Movement beyond the COP: A Dialogue with Roger Hallam
HR!Day369 - Join the HIVE
HR!Day370 - Giving Thanks Then and Now: Pandemics, Gratitude, Transformation
HR!Day371 - Celebrating Anne Baring at 90
HR!Day372 - Cosmic Ecology~Emergent Audacity, How Cosmos Shapes the Symphonies of Life
HR!Day373 - The Transition Movement: A Dialogue with Rob Hopkins
HR!Day374 - Integrating a holistic approach to kidney health
HR!Day375 - Intentional Change: Revealing Humanity’s Deep Soulular Betrayal
HR!Day376 - Intentional Change:  Juggling History, Language, and Experience
HR!Day377 - Intentional Change: Creating Powerful Synergy towards Energetic Revitalization.
HR!Day378 - Why Race Literacy is Important
HR!Day379 - Turn Me to Gold: Celebrating the Mystical Poetry of Kabir with Andrew Harvey
HR!Day380 - Regenerative InterActions ~ Igniting our inherent clarity. A Meaning Conversation
HR!Day381 - Relational Leadership: Conveying and Elevating Indigenous Wisdom
HR!Day382 - Finding Indigeneity: Conveying and Elevating Indigenous Wisdom

2022 - Menu

HR!Day383 - (This number was skipped.)
HR!Day384 - The New Human Story: Igniting The Memory Of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate
HR!Day385 - The Power of Ceremonial Apology to Heal Ancestral and Personal Wounding
HR!Day386 - Cool City Challenge: Empowering Cities to Become Carbon Neutral by 2030
HR!Day387 - Are you moved to create real change to our climate crisis? Become a human bridge to nature through the Global Paqo School
HR!Day388 - Dialogue Creates
HR!Day389 - Amazonia on the Brink: A Dialogue with Antonio Nobre
HR!Day390 - Words can be Windows or Walls
HR!Day391 - Showing Up Authentic
HR!Day392 - What’s Next for the Climate Movement?: A Dialogue with Rupert Read
HR!Day393 - Health Justice: Your Birthright of Regeneration
HR!Day394 - A Marshall Plan To Cool The Planet Through Forest Regeneration
HR!Day395 - The Crisis of American Democracy and the Power of One: A Dialogue with George Cappannelli
HR!Day396 - Confronting the Enablers of Religious Authoritarianism
HR!Day397 - Youth and Mental Health on the International Day of Education
HR!Day398 - This Supreme Moment of Historical Grace - With Lorna Green
HR!Day399 - Dynamic Vitality: transform how you move through life
HR!Day400 - Intentional Change: Welcome Home to Inclusion, Cooperatives, Laughter Yoga
HR!Day401 - Intentional Change:  Direct Action using Inner Resonance Technologies
HR!Day402 - Humanizing: A “Growing Up Learning Tale” of Two Elders
HR!Day403 - A Moonshot Mission to Improve Men’s Health'
HR!Day404 - The 100th Anniversary of Reiner Maria Rilke’s Greatest Poems
HR!Day405 - Over 350,000 farmers in India have committed suicide since 1995. Why?
HR!Day406 - 5G: Wave of the Future or Crime against Human Health?
HR!Day407 - ENDANGERED -The Sixth Mass Extinction
HR!Day408 - ENDANGERED II - One million species
HR!Day409 - ENDANGERED III - Planet Earth
HR!Day410 - ENDANGERED IV - Humanity and the “Age of the Great Forgetting
HR!Day411 - ENDANGERED V - What’s Next?
HR!Day412 - Honoring the Goddess of Love
HR!Day413 - From Passion to Purposeful Action; How Each of Us Plays a Part in Changing Our World
HR!Day414 - Dancing with Biomimicry: Embodying Nature as Our Guide
HR!Day415 - Next Generation Foresight Practitioners - Changemakers for the future
HR!Day416 - Envisioning and Enacting the Desired Digital Future in Africa
HR!Day417 - The 100th Anniversary of Rainer Maria Rilke’s Greatest Poems II
HR!Day418 - No Denial, No Despair: Our Most-Likely Climate Future
HR!Day419 - Becoming Truly Me - My Journey Through Health, Wisdom & Impact with Annika Ek
HR!Day420 - Care First 2022-2029: Love as our beginning and pathway through our planetary crisis
HR!Day421 - Creating a PEACE Matrix: The Network of Networks
HR!Day422 - Dynamic Emergence - Loving who you are, as you are
HR!Day423 - Muslims Declare A Climate and Ecological Emergency
HR!Day424 - Grofian Psychedelic Therapy
HR!Day425 - Archetypal Astrology - The Rosetta Stone of the Psyche
HR!Day426 - Healing the Shadow Wounds through the Wisdom of the Higher Heart
HR!Day427 - Democracy Dialogues I: The Movement Voter Project
HR!Day428 - Democracy Dialogues II: The Rise of The Feminine In Democracy: Healing The Feminine Wound In a Male Dominated Democracy
HR!Day429 - Democracy Dialogues III: Bringing America Together Across Differences
HR!Day430 - Democracy Dialogues IV: Indivisible - Progressive Advocacy & Electoral Work
HR!Day431 - Democracy Dialogues V: Building a more Civil Nation
HR!Day432 - Take The Next Step: Making Positive Progress in Negative & Uncertain Times
HR!Day433 - The Listening Fire: How We Can Restore a Primordial Connection to Ourselves, Each Other, and the Earth During Heartbreaking Times
HR!Day434 - The Politics of Being
HR!Day435 - Dialogue with Jack Healey, called "Mr. Human Rights”
HR!Day436 - Citizen Empowerment through Communications/Media
HR!Day437 - Girl Driven Solutions: The Makeover of SDG #3 – Health & Wellbeing – from the Indigenous Lens
HR!Day438 - The Iran Contra Case
HR!Day439 - Your Inspired Day: Living into Your Values and Moving Towards Your Ideal
HR!Day440 - Mary Magdalene: her message for our time
HR!Day441 - On the Path of Reconciliation in Bosnia
HR!Day442 - Understanding the Invasion of Ukraine: What is at Stake, What we need to Know
HR!Day443 - Exploring the World of Trans I: Understanding Gender in Three Dimensions
HR!Day444 - Exploring the World of Trans II: Gender & Pronouns in a Nonbinary World
HR!Day445 - Exploring the World of Trans III: Trans & Nonbinary People, In Our Own Words
HR!Day446 - Religious Trauma Syndrome
HR!Day447 - Part I: Commemorating the Anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King in the Context of Black Leadership
HR!Day448 - Part II: The Rise of Younger Black Voices Regarding Race Relations  and Necessary Repair Work
HR!Day449 - Part III: Spiritual or Soul-Centered Ways To Play The Human Race Game Anew
HR!Day450 - Part IV: The Relevance of Humanistic Psychology for Today’s Reality
HR!Day451 - Part V: Generic Race-Linked Wounds and How Best To Manage and/or Heal Them
HR!Day452 - A Crisis of Connection - Peter Merry dialogues with Cornelius O’Shaughnessy
HR!Day453 - Transforming California’s Biggest Challenges Into Game-changing Opportunities
HR!Day454 - Woman Between the Worlds: A Conversation with Apela Colorado
HR!Day455 - The Pentagon Papers Case: From The Inside
HR!Day456 - Language: The Ultimate Tool for Cleaving Humanity
HR!Day457 - Changes in the World of Spirituality and Changes in the Spirituality of the World
HR!Day458 - Ethics, Power, and Love for a Changing World: Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma on THE KURAL
HR!Day459 - Leonard Peltier and the Early Years in the American Indian Movement of the 70s
HR!Day460 - Integral Ecology in Action: Pope Francis' call to the Laudato Si' Action Platform
HR!Day461 - The Arctic in a Warming World
HR!Day462 - Reuniting America, The Book, The PBS Documentary, The Movement
HR!Day463 - The Democracy Dialogues II: The State of The States
HR!Day464 - Part III: RepresentUS - Dismantling Root Causes of Inequity & Ending Political Corruption, Extremism & Gridlock
HR!Day465 - The Democracy Dialogues IV: Personal Perspectives On The Challenge Facing Our Democracy
HR!Day466 - The Democracy Dialogues V: Faiths United To Save Democracy
HR!Day467 - Regenerative Health for A Climate Changing World - Part I: Invocations ~ The Power of Beginning with Reverence and Gratitude
HR!Day468 - Regenerative Health for A Climate Changing World - Part II: What is Healthcare? What is Healing?
HR!Day469 - Regenerative Health for A Climate Changing World - Part III: The Regenerative Model
HR!Day470 - Regenerative Health for A Climate Changing World - Part IV: Ancestors and Indigenous Ways
HR!Day471 - Regenerative Health for A Climate Changing World - Part V: Healing and Healthcare for Babies, Children, Youth and Children of the Future
HR!Day472 - Endangered I: Ecocide: We are Killing Our Home
HR!Day473 - Endangered II: The Death Economy and the Tyranny of our Global Systems and Institutions
HR!Day474 - Endangered III: Creating the Future We Want
HR!Day475 - Endangered IV: Biodiversity Loss and Revitalization on the Ground
HR!Day476 - Endangered V: Personal Perspectives on Biodiversity Loss and Regeneration
HR!Day477 - Thomas Legrand - Politics of Being: Aligning politics with Earth
HR!Day478 - The Real Story of Ukraine:  What the Public is not being Told: A Dialogue with former CIA agent Ray McGovern
HR!Day479 - Strings of Hope: The Healing Power of Music and Art In Treating Addiction
HR!Day480 - On the Front Line: A Dialogue with Harvey Wasserman
HR!Day481 - Natural Intelligence
HR!Day482 - Self Health Empowerment Summit Day 1: The Incredible Benefits of Coherent Breathing
HR!Day483 - Self-Health Empowerment II: [[Evolutionary Somatics]]: Movement Practices for Restoring Life Through Toning Your Fascial Body
HR!Day484 - Self-Health Empowerment - Day III: "Core Talk" using Pendulums & Tarot in Motion - Embody the Wisdom Through the Cards
HR!Day485 - Self-Health Empowerment Day 4: Human Tuning-Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
HR!Day486 - Self-Health Empowerment Day 5: Mental Medicine: Creating Health Through Imagery and Open-Focus Meditation-Harnessing the Power of Attention
HR!Day487 - Inner Development Goals
HR!Day488 - Venus Rising: Regenerating Love Through Apology, Reconciliation and Healing
HR!Day489 - A Randomly Determined Free-Will with a Creative Ethos: An Exploration based on the thinking of David Bohm
HR!Day490 - Going Beyond Your Beyond: Peak Performance Practices for a Thriving Life/Society
HR!Day491 - The Many Paths Inward (with Susan Hess Logeais)
HR!Day492 - Global Youth Mental Health Summit - Day I: The State of Global Youth Mental Health
HR!Day493 - Global Youth Mental Health Summit - Day II: Belonging and Community-Creating a Safe Space
HR!Day494 - Global Youth Mental Health Summit - Day III: Gender in Question
HR!Day495 - Global Youth Mental Health Summit - Day IV: Environmental Anxiety-the Environment and Youth Mental Health
HR!Day496 - Global Youth Mental Health Summit Day V: Parenting and Youth Mental Health
HR!Day497 - Strings of Hope: Bringing Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Out of the Darkness
HR!Day498 - Global Conscious Leadership Summit: Day I: The State of the World and the Leadership Required
HR!Day499 - Conscious Leadership Dialogues
HR!Day500 - Conscious Leadership Dialogues
HR!Day501 - Conscious Leadership Dialogues
HR!Day502 - The June 2022 Democracy Dialogues - Day I: The Next Fifty
HR!Day503 - June 2022 Democracy Dialogues - Day II: Democracy’s Future & The State of The States
HR!Day504 - June 2022 Democracy Dialogues - Day III: An Inside Look At Democracy and It’s Challenge
HR!Day505 - June 2022 Democracy Dialogues - Day IV: Leading Activists On Activism & The Existential Challenges Facing Democracy
HR!Day506 - June 2022 Democracy Dialogues
HR!Day507 - Science and Consciousness Week Day 1 - Parapsychological Stories: Their Meaning in our Modern World with Jim Hickman and Stanley Krippner
HR!Day508 - Science and Consciousness Week Day 2 - Advances in Parapsychology and Extended Consciousness
HR!Day509 - Science and Consciousness Week Day 3 - The Tarot Experiences VR
HR!Day510 - Science and Consciousness Week Day 4 - Global Consciousness Project
HR!Day511 - Science and Consciousness Week
HR!Day512 - Personal Rewilding As A Precursor To Ecological Regeneration
HR!Day513 - Undaunted: Living Fiercely Into Climate Meltdown in an Authoritarian World
HR!Day514 - Understanding the US Supreme Court I: What the new Conservative super majority means to American justice
HR!Day515 - Understanding the US Supreme Court II:  How the Court’s ruling last week will impact the integrity of Native American Reservations
HR!Day516 - Understanding the Soul of Russia: A Dialogue with Gary Lachman
HR!Day517 - The Romero Institute: 50 Years on the Front Lines for Justice
HR!Day518 - UFOs: The Latest Information on the Reality of Extraterrestrial Intelligence on Planet Earth
HR!Day519 - New and Ancient Healing Modalities For A World In Crisis I: Psychedelics for Therapy
HR!Day520 - New and Ancient Healing Modalities For A World In Crisis II: Psychedelics for Therapy
HR!Day521 - New and Ancient Healing Modalities For A World In Crisis III: Psychedelics for Therapy
HR!Day522 - Saving the Cheetahs: The Story of the Cheetah Conservation Fund
HR!Day523 - Values for the Coming Crisis – Humanity Rising
HR!Day524 - Touching the Jaguar: Transforming Fear into Positive Action
HR!Day525 - The Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration: How Humanity can still Co-create Home on Earth
HR!Day526 - The Feast of Mary Magdalene, Her Message for Modern Era
HR!Day527 - Be the Tree I: How a consciousness-based collaborative approach might be humanity’s last hope for a livable planet
HR!Day528 - Mend Trees in Climate XTREEmz: How a consciousness-based collaborative approach might be humanity's last hope for a livable planet
HR!Day529 - How Intuition can assist Large Scale Energetic Work
HR!Day530 - Without faith no one prospers, and certainly not society: A Perspective from a Freemason
HR!Day531 - Humor, Happiness, and Laughter for Thriving Societies
HR!Day532 - Burnout – An Evolutionary Definition and the Secret to Ending it Forever
HR!Day533 - Taoist Antidotes to Burnout
HR!Day534 - Caregiver Burnout and the Impact of Climate Catastrophe on War Veterans and Families
HR!Day535 - Eco-Feminism and Mother-Wisdom for Ending Burnout Forever
HR!Day536 - Pachamama Alliance - Our work in the Amazon: a deep partnership with indigenous people and a source of insight and inspiration to “change the dream of the modern world.”
HR!Day537 - Pachamama Alliance - Giving legal rights to Nature: a groundbreaking legal and ecological Paradigm
HR!Day538 - Pachamama Alliance - The Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative: one of the largest and most ambitious Indigenous led conservation initiatives on Earth
HR!Day539 - Pachamama Alliance - Listening for the Call: How to Live a Committed Life
HR!Day540 - Pachamama Alliance - Liberation, Freedom, and Healing: A Conversation Among Changemakers
HR!Day541 - The Mystical Feminine of Chartres
HR!Day542 - In Extremis! A Practical Guide To The Power of One…Democracy’s Best & Perhaps Last Hope
HR!Day543 - International Peace Day
HR!Day544 - Homeopathy: Where Medical Biomimicry and Nanopharmacology Meet Medical Alchemy
HR!Day545 - Humanity Rising Network & Banafsheh Sayyad on Iran
HR!Day546 - What is Non Violence and Where does it Derive Power
HR!Day547 - The Legacy-Jesus, Gandhi and King - Nonviolence Through the Ages
HR!Day548 - What’s Peace Got To Do With It? -The True Nature of Humanity, Nonviolence and Peace
HR!Day549 - The Old Story of Humanity and Its Impact on the World
HR!Day550 - The New Story of Humanity: its Meaning and Significance
HR!Day551 - The Big Surprise About Polarization -- And What It Means For Activists
HR!Day552 - Nonviolence-The Encouraging Signs
HR!Day553 - Nonviolence in Action-Theories and Examples
HR!Day554 - Nonviolence: Our Bridge to the Future
HR!Day555 - Key Take-aways: A Non Violence Dialogue
HR!Day556 - It’s All On The Line In November
HR!Day557 - The Critical Secretary of State Challenge
HR!Day558 - Fair Elections – Ending Voter Suppression
HR!Day559 - Democracy On The Ground - Faiths United to Save Democracy
HR!Day560 - On The Line in November: Critical Action…Critical Need
HR!Day561 - Self Health Empowerment Summit Day 1: The Incredible Benefits of Coherent Breathing
HR!Day562 - Self-Health Empowerment II: Evolutionary Somatics: Movement Practices for Restoring Life Through Toning Your Fascial Body
HR!Day563 - Self-Health Empowerment III: "Core Talk" using Pendulums & Tarot in Motion - Embody the Wisdom Through the Cards
HR!Day564 - Self-Health Empowerment Day 4: Human Tuning-Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
HR!Day565 - Self-Health Empowerment Day 5: Mental Medicine: Creating Health Through Imagery and Open-Focus Meditation-Harnessing the Power of Attention
HR!Day566 - Day 1: Ageism from the Inside Out and from the Outside In
HR!Day567 - Day 2: What Can One Person Do? The Moral Voice of the Elder in Tumultuous Times
HR!Day568 - Day 3: Retirement from the Inside Out and from the Outside In
HR!Day569 - Day 4: Reimagining the Elder for Our Cultural Moment
HR!Day570 - Day 5: The Spiritual Purpose of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul
HR!Day571 - Woman, Life, Freedom: A Global Intention Event for Iran
HR!Day572 - The Body and Soul of the Feminine Revolution in Iran
HR!Day573 - Lessons from the Sudanese Revolution
HR!Day574 - The Global Opportunity: Women’s Revolution w/Banafsheh Sayyad & V (Formerly Eve Ensler)
HR!Day575 - A Vision of Inner and Outer Regeneration
HR!Day576 - COP 27 I: Time for Teeming: Tamsin Woolley Barker on her book Teeming: How Nature’s Oldest Teams Adapt and Thrive
HR!Day577 - COP 27 II: Inspiration from the White Lions: Linda Tucker on Saving the King of Beasts
HR!Day578 - COP 27 III: Regenerative Agriculture as Key to Stopping Global Warming
HR!Day579 - COP 27 IV: Vandana Shiva on Biopiracy, Biodiversity and Regenerative Ecology
HR!Day580 - COP 27 V: Direct Action to stop Climate Change or is it time to simply Adapt to the Inevitable? — A Dialogue with Rupert Read of Extinction Rebellion
HR!Day581 - COP VI: Viva the Eco-Revolution! The inspiring story of how 2,581 strangers became climate allies
HR!Day582 - COP VII: The Great Transformation
HR!Day583 - COP VIII: Climate Disaster and where Industry is Leading the Way
HR!Day584 - COP IX: Speed Shifting our Global Mindset in Response to Climate Disaster
HR!Day585 - COP X: Inner Work/Outer Work for the Climate Crisis: From Anxiety to Activism
HR!Day586 - Embodying the Wisdom of the Elderwoman I: Psychospiritual Development in Midlife
HR!Day587 - Embodying the Wisdom of the Elderwoman II: Quitting the Insidious Beauty Contest
HR!Day588 - Embodying the Wisdom of the Elderwoman III: Telling the Truth
HR!Day589 - Building Bridges of Poetic Healing in a Burning World
HR!Day590 - International Young Earth Defenders
HR!Day591 - ME – WE – US
HR!Day592 - Are You Highly Sensitive? Caring for Sensitive Brains in the Midst of a Suffering World
HR!Day593 - A Fundamental Paradigm Shift in Exploring Consciousness & its Practical Applications
HR!Day594 - Integral Yoga applied – Healing and Transformation with Integral Regression Therapy
HR!Day595 - Assessing the Pandemic: The Need for Truly Rigorous Science and Skepticism
HR!Day596 - Technologies of Hope I: Climate Restoration
HR!Day597 - Technologies of Hope II – Human Wellness
HR!Day598 - Technologies of Hope III: Conscious Technology
HR!Day599 - Technologies of Hope IV: Solving Societal & Planetary Issues
HR!Day600 - Technologies of Hope V: Natural Concrete - Changing The Way Roads & Highways Are Built
HR!Day601 - Modern-day Magic I - Hacking Yourself
HR!Day602 - Modern-day Magic II - Hacking the World
HR!Day603 - Holistic rapid self-transformation - as the optimal way to improve quality of life across all life aspects at once
HR!Day604 - Love is Everything: The Mystical Poetry of Hadewijch of Antwerp is discussed in the AfterChat. The main program: Banasfheh Sayyad, Nina Meyerhof & Janice Hall
HR!Day605 - Defying Gravity – Using Levity to Uplift in Unfunny Times

2023 - Menu

HR!Day606 - Teach in on Ukraine I: The Pathway to War
HR!Day607 - Teach in on Ukraine II: The Pathway to Peace
HR!Day608 - Apology and Reckoning: A consecration from Women Elders of Wombs of Peace
HR!Day609 - Apology Program: Stories from Native American Elders
HR!Day610 - Apology Program: Stories from Native American Elders
HR!Day611 - How Lack of Apology or Forgiveness Leads to Disease, Distraction, and Depression
HR!Day612 - Apology Program: V on Apology and Reckoning
HR!Day613 - Apology Program: The Power of Ho'Oponopono
HR!Day614 - Apology Program: The Suppression of Native American Spirituality
HR!Day615 - The Challenge of Being a Man with Dr. Jed Diamond
HR!Day616 - How Did We Get Here? When science meets industry –The History of Glyphosate
HR!Day617 - Glyphosate: What science is telling us and why it matters
HR!Day618 - Glyphosate: Legal Success: USD $10 + Billion Lawsuit Victory against Bayer / Monsanto
HR!Day619 - Glyphosate: How New Policies Can Limit Glyphosate Use: Dialogue with Dr. Zach Bush
HR!Day620 - Glyphosate: Eliminating Poisons from our Environment
HR!Day621 - Systemic Racism Day 1: Conversations with Black Men About How They Tapped Into Their Own Creativity To Structure Journeys To Make A Difference At Individual and Collective Levels
HR!Day622 - Systemic Racism Day 2: A Conversation with Black Men About Personal, Societal, and/or Global Challenges and Resilience
HR!Day623 - Systemic Racism Day 3: A Conversation with Black Men About Finding One’s Passion To Make A Difference at Individual and Collective Levels
HR!Day624 - Systemic Racism Day 4: A Conversation with Black Men About Their Educational Journeys
HR!Day625 - Systemic Racism Day 5: A Conversation with Black Men About Creative Visions for the Future (All in The Family)
HR!Day626 - The Stress Prescription: Living Your Best Life in Times of Existential Stress
HR!Day627 - Democracy Dialogues Feb 2023: The Battle for Democracy
HR!Day628 - Democracy Dialogues Feb 2023: The Movement Voter Project – Difference Maker in 2022 & What They Have Planned For 2024
HR!Day629 - Democracy Dialogues Feb 2023: Progressive on the Ground
HR!Day630 - Democracy Dialogues Feb 2023: More Women On The Front Lines - Defending Democracy
HR!Day631 - Black Women’s Lives I: Colonization of Black Female Bodies A Mosaic of Stories, Bodies, and Knowledges, Vision, Voice, and Being: What Apology? What Atonement? What Repair? What Restitution?
HR!Day632 - Journey In Search of the Black Madonna for Valentines
HR!Day633 - Black Women’s Lives II: Colonization of Black Female Bodies A Mosaic of Stories, Bodies, and Knowledges, Vision, Voice, and Being: What Apology? What Atonement? What Repair? What Restitution?
HR!Day634 - Church of England Offers £100 million in Reparation for Slavery - with Martin Palmer
HR!Day635 - Black Women’s Lives III: Colonization of Black Female Bodies A Mosaic of Stories, Bodies, and Knowledges, Vision, Voice, and Being: What Apology? What Atonement? What Repair? What Restitution?
HR!Day636 - Genocide Against the Native Americans: A Dialogue with Dr. Henrietta Mann
HR!Day637 - Tues 2/21/23 Echoes of the Holocaust I - Ronnie Dunetz & Peppy Margolis
HR!Day638 - Discovering the Oppressor Within - Josette & Ba Luvmour
HR!Day639 - Thu 2/23/23 Echoes of the Holocaust II - with Ronnie Dunetz, Betty Brodsky Cohen, Irene Gruber, & Henry Grayman
HR!Day640 - Fri 2/24/23 The Meaning of Apology in Tibetan Buddhism: A Dialogue with Robert Thurman
HR!Day641 - Summit on Ukraine I: Overview of the War with Jodie Evans & Vladimir Pozner
HR!Day642 - Summit on Ukraine II: The Danger of Nuclear War featuring Jodie Evans & Daniel Ellsberg
HR!Day643 - Summit on Ukraine III: The Costs of War with Jodie Evans, Savina Martin, Teddy Ogborn & Wei Yu
HR!Day644 - Summit on Ukraine IV: The Pathway to the War with Jodie Evans, Phyllis Bennis & Ray McGovern
HR!Day645 - Summit on Ukraine V: The Pathway to Peace with Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin & Marcy Winograd
HR!Day646 - The Tao of Social Action - William Martin
HR!Day647 - AI Rising: Frankenmind or Silicon Saviour? - Georg Boch & Griffin De Luce
HR!Day648 - Celebrating Women Activists on International Women’s Day - Banafsheh Sayyad, Janice Hall, HeatherAsh Amara & Jodie Evans
HR!Day649 - The Art of the Brand - Yamilca Rodriguez
HR!Day650 - Extending the Limits of Humanity's Health Span - Steve Loyd
HR!Day651 - ENDANGERED Humanity I: Celebrating Action - Tom Eddington, Peter Fiekowsky & John Perkins
HR!Day652 - ENDANGERED Humanity II: Celebrating Action - Marie-Noelle Keijzer - WeForest
HR!Day653 - Tired of all the “Blah, blah, blah” about climate change? Understanding the global conversation about decarbonizing the economy - John Montgomery
HR!Day654 - Waves of Love: The Healing Music of the Spheres - Chloe Goodchild
HR!Day655 - Feast of Losses: Poetry and Music in Honor of Grief - Kim Rosen & Jami Sieber
HR!Day656 - Humanity Rising Network - Communications Reimagined
HR!Day657 - Understanding the Mysteries of Consciousness through the Godly Attributes
HR!Day658 - Indigenous Learning - Ilarion ‘Kuuyux’ Merculieff & Jinan K B (and Alon Liel)
HR!Day659 - Ceremony, sacred spaces, and wisdom from Teotihuacan, Mexico - HeatherAsh Amara
HR!Day660 - At the Frontiers of Cosmology - Kala Perkins
HR!Day661 - The Soul of Toni Wolff and the Magic of the Feminine Psyche - Brenda Crowther
HR!Day662 - Democracy and Governance I: The Practice of Democracy - April De Simone & Anne Robertson
HR!Day663 - Democracy and Governance II: Next Steps - Mark Gerzon & Steven Olikara
HR!Day664 - Democracy and Governance III: Are We Going To Wake Up In Time? - Stephan Schwartz
HR!Day665 - Democracy and Governance IV: Evangelicals For Democracy & Faiths United to Save Democracy - Richard Cizik, Barbara Williams-Skinner & Nancy Glick
HR!Day667 - Women’s History of Changing the World I: Bearing Witness to America’s Civil Rights History: A Personal Journey
HR!Day668 - Women’s History of Changing the World II: Spiritual Mentorship: Coretta Scott King, Daisy Bates and Maya Angelou
HR!Day669 - Women’s History of Changing the World III: Poetry in Motion
HR!Day670 - Women’s History of Changing the World IV: I am Who I am because I am a Black Woman
HR!Day671 - Women’s History of Changing the World V: Wise Talk Wise Women

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