HR!Day508 - Science and Consciousness Week Day 2 - Advances in Parapsychology and Extended Consciousness

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In this presentation, an overview of the field of parapsychology will be given. From its beginnings in the rise of spiritualism, to the Duke University experiments, and then present day university status.

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Dr Cooper, will provide personal insight of his own journey in current research, and discuss what he believes the contributions of parapsychology have been to science and the future of the field. Enjoy this insightful journey!

  • Dr Callum Cooper is an Associate Professor of psychology at the University of Northampton. He is the 3rd year module co-ordinator for ‘parapsychology & anomalous experiences’ and also delivers lectures on death and bereavement, positive psychology and sexual behavior. He is the author and editor of several books, including ‘Paracoustics: Sound and the Paranormal’ (with Steve Parsons) and ‘Psi in Psychotherapy’ (with Tanous, et al). Dr Cooper has also received a number of awards and nominations for his work and research including the ‘Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship’ and ‘D. Scott Rogo Award for Media’ (Parapsychology Foundation), the ‘Gertrude Schmeidler Award’ (Parapsychology Foundation) and nominee of the ‘Ackham’s Razor Award’ (QEDcon/Skeptic Magazine). He frequently appears on TV and Radio for psychology and presenting on such topics as parapsychology.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University
  • Peter Merry, Chief Innovation Officer, Ubiquity University

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