HR!Day771 - Science & Consciousness: Freedom from Time - Peter Merry & Paula Petry

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--- Humanity Rising Day 771 - Friday September 29, 2023      (GoTo Bottom)
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Paula Petry Joined us today

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This Week: Science & Consciousness






Spirituality & Time


(E)Volution of Time


Freedom from Time


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The modern Western perspective has us gripped by time. Teaching us that time moves in a linear way, like an arrow. This means that our future is always defined by our past actions, and we are trapped in fate, repeating the same family imprints, believing in the same narratives. At this critical time – at the crossroads of our planetary existence, the greatest knowing that we can offer to this generation and the generations to come is our innate ability to transform things outside of time before they are born in infinity - before they are born into the finite.

During the conference, you will have several opportunities to experiment with the fluidity of time. Dr. Paula Petry will join Dr. David Vernon, who conducts research on training outside of linear time (his affiliations etc ….) , and will lead you on shamanic journeys, helping you to connect through all your senses to rewrite your own future outcomes. Sound equipment used by the Monroe Institute, shown to help people shift their state of consciousness, along with the traditional rattle, will be incorporated as a transport into non-ordinary consciousness.

Convener: Peter Merry


Paula Petry

97 Participants


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