HR!Day768 - Science & Consciousness: Children’s Unexplained Experiences in a Post Materialist World - Peter Merry, Donna Thomas & Kristy Allan

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--- Humanity Rising Day 768 - Tuesday September 26, 2023      (GoTo Bottom)
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Mainstream materialist culture often assumes children as discrete biological machines, as unformed adult human beings, without capacities for contributing to our understanding of life. Children’s unexplained experiences – those which defy materialist definitions of space, time and reality – challenge these assumptions. Often, children experience naturally occurring phenomena such as so-called imaginary companions and realities, telepathy, premonitions, peak and out of body experiences. Such experiences are often construed as disorder or fantasy, and responded to in ways that can generate unnecessary suffering for children. Collaborative research with children shows how their experiences, insights and intuitions can meet with emerging post-materialist ideas in scientific and philosophical scholarship. Children and their unexplained experiences call for an interrogation of mainstream materialism and can contribute to wider social transformation. In this talk, I will discuss these ideas, arguing for new ways of thinking about and being with children, as beings-in-their-own-right and in their ‘becomings’ as our future generation.


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