HR!Day593 - A Fundamental Paradigm Shift in Exploring Consciousness & its Practical Applications - Advaitananda Stoian

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--- Humanity Rising Day 593 - Wednesday November 30, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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The scientific world is now increasingly interested in the study of consciousness. However, when the very act of studying is so often framed by the old standards that completely ignored consciousness, can the results be significant? Do we need a fundamental shift of paradigm in order to be able to obtain noteworthy outcomes?

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Join us for a discussion around this question, about revolutionary results that have emerged through the experimental application of this new perspective, and why they have the power to truly expand the boundaries of scientific exploration.

  • Advaitananda Stoian is the founder and principal teacher of the Institute for Quantum Transformation, as well as a nuclear scientist and author. He has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for over three decades. The programmes he designs on integral success and leadership draw on universal principles and laws in order to help people live in a fully integrated way, in line with their true selves, to get the most out of life and career at all levels and to tap into and master the full potential of the brain and consciousness.
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  • Peter Merry is a creative thinker-doer committed to making the biggest possible positive impact with the least possible effort. Peter is co-founding Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity, founder of the Center for Human Emergence (Netherlands), and a founding partner of Engage!


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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