HR!Day509 - Science and Consciousness Week Day 3 - The Tarot Experiences VR

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--- Humanity Rising Day 509 - Wednesday June 29, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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Emerging immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) not only promise a new depth of interactivity but also the possibility of greater meaning for audiences of the future. As a result, storytellers must now find new ways to build meaningful narrative experiences that are able to change and adapt for each audience member. The Tarot Experience VR offers an important framework for both creating and delivering emerging narratives of the future.

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Currently in its Alpha phase of development, The Tarot Experience VR is inspired by the divinatory system of the Tarot cards and is built upon the central use of a True Random Number Generator (TRNG). The goal of this narrative form and function is the creation of a genuine encounter with the Self and in turn the potential for a deeply meaningful art experience. Bring yourself and set your intention… the cosmos awaits… with a message!


  • Adam Malone is the Creative Director of Astrolabe Immersive Studios in Brighton as well as :: During his first MA in Myth, Cosmology and The Sacred, Adam’s interest in the power of mythic narrative brought him to focus on the divinatory system of the Tarot cards. Having written a dissertation in 2020 entitled The Art of Transforming The World: Tarot and The Future of Immersive Experience, Adam went on to study a second MA at Royal Holloway in Immersive Storytelling, where he graduated in 2021. Adam’s final piece for the course, The Tarot Experience VR, aimed to prove his hypothesis that Tarot is an important immersive storytelling art form for the future. His professional and creative work is now focused on bringing meaningful and transcendent experiences to the world of digital art, whilst his writing focuses on the power of myth, narrative and metaphor. Adam currently lives and works in East Sussex, UK and continues to read Tarot for whoever can find him…


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University
  • Peter Merry, Chief Innovation Officer, Ubiquity University

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