HR!Day769 - Science & Consciousness: Spirituality and Time - Peter Merry, Kirsty Allan & Steve Taylor

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--- Humanity Rising Day 769 - Wednesday September 27, 2023      (GoTo Bottom)
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Kirsty Allan joined us today

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This Week: Science & Consciousness






Spirituality & Time


(E)Volution of Time


Freedom from Time


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Many people have experienced emergency situations in which time slows down drastically. ‘Time Expansion Experiences’ may also occur in the ‘zone’ experiences of athletes, in deep meditation, or under the influence of psychedelics. In some states of consciousness - such as mystical or near-death experiences - time seems to disappear altogether, or to become spatial, so that the whole the past and future rest alongside the present. Dr. Steve Taylor will describe his research into these experiences, as well as discuss their implications. Is it possible to explain why they occur? What do they tell us about human consciousness and the nature of reality?


Jim Garrison


Kirsty Allan

Steve Taylor


Jim Garrison

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