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  • OtherNetworks is an indexing tool for crowd sourcing the relationships among the tens of thousands of websites, blogs and other content (the TARGETS)
  • OtherNetworks indexes social aspects of businesses and business aspects of social organizations
  • It is a play-toy for index geeks (Registered Users).
  • Registered Users build the Index to websites and can share links to services, organizations, and products. They can promote ideas, and appeal for support. They can also post links to articles and opinions.
  • Registered Users maintain their own public listings of entries (Pages) to tie together or simply share their communities of interest.
  • Each Page offers a description of the TARGET along with a link (usually at the top of the page) to that site, blog, or content.
  • The OtherNetworks Category System (ONCS) is a multi-dimensional category system that produces elegant listings of related entries.
    • Entries are categorized by as many categories and sub-categories as appropriate.
    • The Top Level Categories organize entries by what something IS, what it DOES, what they write ABOUT, who they SERVE, what ISSUES drive their work, what they MAKE, what they SELL, what they TEACH and WHERE their services are available.
  • Cross-referencing, in addition to the Categories, provides pathways between related entries. OtherNetworks now has 114 pages organized by around three thousand categories. We often find ourselves surprised by the power of the content.

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