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--- Humanity Rising Day 510 - Thursday June 30, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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Roger Nelson, who was a key member of the team at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab tells the story of how they have tracked signs of a global consciousness and shares the implications he sees.

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Humanity is rising, beginning with a few people in every era seeing deeply and seeking wisdom. In recent times, there are, I think, more real teachers, and an increasing recognition of the wonders that result from connecting the thoughtful mind and compassionate heart. Teilhard de Chardin saw our destiny to be a noosphere for the earth. A grand composite of us all, prefigured by moments of coherence and resonance among subsets of us in small and large groups. Whether unconscious or awakened into an active, directive mind, we as a coherent humanity, a global consciousness, must focus on saving every living thing we possibly can, and working out the best way to survive as a creative, harmonious, and compassionate humanity -- yes, as a noosphere. When we bring our unconscious connections up into awareness we will begin our conscious evolution.


  • Roger Nelson runs the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), an international collaboration studying mass consciousness. He conducted psi research at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory from 1980 to 2002, and while at Princeton, created the GCP in 1997. Interests in psychology, physics, philosophy, and the arts facilitate his research at the edges of what we know. His focus is the subtle interconnections that define an emerging humanity. ::


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University
  • Peter Merry, Chief Innovation Officer, Ubiquity University

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