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Success Systems International - Kurt Krueger

  • The following is what Kurt Krueger ‘does’, it is NOT who he is. He lives on and cares for the unceded  land of the Humans called Tongvé, about 20 miles N. of Los Angeles CA. He is a global citizen serving a regenerative society and life on our planet; he is one of the founders of the Peace Lab AND The PeaceMakers Circles/Network; and is a Solutionist, Polymath, tangentalist, explorer, Character/Virtues Inclusionist, alchemist for love, and pragmatic futurist. Since the 1970s, he has led programs on 5 continents for elite athletes/coaches, corporations, and educational institutions. As an Ultimizationalist. Kurt founded the Institute of Sports Psychology, AND Success Systems International in the early 1980’s.  He had taught in the ghettos of Los Angeles for 40+ years, and was on a hijacked airplane, which all led to offering of stress management programs at the UN and Oxford U. Medical School. Kurt is listed in Who’s Who in America AND Educators. He’s helped present or promote Vegan World 2026, the Pachamama.org Alliance/Drawdown, and Character Inclusion programs. He has written the Best-Selling series, Winning Ways for Living, produced numerous Peace Lab programs for the Humanity Rising: Global Solutions Summit (they’ve done over 530 in two years). He’s available for all media interviews. “Let’s share the power of Intention, as in Imaginal cells… The power of Focus on the positive disempowers the ‘negative’.” ~ Kurt, I Am.
  • Thanks for your work for a thriving life. Together in collaboration and dialogue, we get to prompt the world back into thriving for ALL our relations. See how we can do it even faster with the Peace Lab, https://othernetworks.org/Peace_LAB Have a magical day creating the Grandest Version of Your Greatest Vision! Kurt Krueger, PHD (Playing Happily Daily)

Participation on Humanity Rising

  • Peace Week
Day 194 Intersection of Race, Culture and Activism
Day 195 Intersection of Trauma, Compassion and Value Economics
Day 196 Intersection of Beliefs, the Arts and Transformation
Day 197 Intersection of Spirituality, Reality and Intention
Day 198 Intersection of Action, Agency and Impact

Day 265 Tue 06/08/21 Shapes that Shape Us
Day 375 Wed 12/01/21 Intentional Change: Revealing Humanity’s Deep Soulular Betrayal
Day 376 Thu 12/02/21 Intentional Change: Juggling History, Language, and Experience
Day 377 Fri 12/03/21 Intentional Change: Creating Powerful Synergy towards Energetic Revitalization
Day 380 Wed 12/08/21 Regenerative InterActions ~ Igniting our inherent clarity. A Meaning Conversation
Day 391 Fri 1/14/22 Showing Up Authentic
Day 421 Fri 2/25/22 Creating a PEACE Matrix: The Network of Networks
Day 453 Tue 4/12/22 Transforming California’s Biggest Challenges Into Game-changing Opportunities
Day 490 Thu 6/2/22 Going Beyond Your Beyond: Peak Performance Practices for a Thriving Life/Society
Day 531 Fri 7/29/22 Humor, Happiness, and Laughter for Thriving Societies
Day 697 Mon 5/15/23 AI Tutors - Madness or Magic

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