Media for Peace

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This page contains information about ways media outlets can advance the cause of peace.

Print/Digital Media


Connecting the World - Muniem Rizvi Interviews Kurt Kruger

POSITIVE Actions for each day:

Join about 15-20,000 people and view Humanity Rising Global Solutions <>. The first three weeks of programing during Lockdown were women sharing what they do to uplift humanity in their country./world. Then the NexGen shared, then incredible panelists of Futurists in all areas of life - from all over the world. Here in California it is at 8-9:30 am. Previous days are posted on Facebook and YouTube and It’s FREE too. The program is followed by an AfterChat group on another zoom, that discuss the day’s offering. Panelists often attend and dive deeper… Bruce Lipton stayed for about 2 hours.

You may wish to practice the PeaceMaker Method, here's a 15 minute video on the easy, psychosomatic, spiritual practice: Peace In Everything, Everything With Peace. will reverberate throughout your day… making it the focus and bringing more peace to you and ‘others.’  Use your home language, Peace IN Everything, Everything WITH Peace.. This simple practice also reduces stress, improves health, and success.

Have a magical day creating the Grandest Version of Your Greatest Vision!

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