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Peak Performance ​Programs and Consulting

You'll get to know Who You Really Are; and be more of that awesome creation!

I started developing Peak Performance Practices while teaching at an urban high school in 1978.

  • My identical twin, talked me into entering the International Senior Olympics. I had not trained in over 11 years and ended up winning 4 swimming Gold medals that year. Students heard of this and two athletes wanted to know how. I ended up teaching them to meditate and one I taught visualization. The high jumper went from 6”6” to 7’1” in just three months!
  • I started researching other practices that I was doing and their effects on performance while presenting programs around Southern California colleges and schools. In 1980, I gave four workshops for the British National Coaches Association. We formed the Institute of Sports Psychology after I had given workshops at the National Institute of Sports in India in 1982 - ending up with branches in London, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. In 1983, we formed Success Systems International (SSI) in Los Angeles to work with business and industry/education/others.
  • Just this year, our Systems or holistic work expanded beyond the healthy body, balanced emotions, controlled mind, and open to the Spirit to include our total environment. Our family, community, economy, and environment. Without them being in their state of Thriving, how could we expect to experience our full potential?

Yes, we are focused on a thriving, happy, healthy life for all.


The World is our oyster. We have done work on five continents. Lets et to Latin America and Antarctica! We may begin online and travel when possible and when needed.


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