HR!Day380 - Regenerative InterActions ~ Igniting our inherent clarity. A Meaning Conversation

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--- Humanity Rising Day 380 - Wednesday December 8, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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No, not singing... laughing!

Regenerative InterActions arise from being centered, harmonious, and neutral.  This state generates  authentic communication and creative opportunities.

*In this session of Regenerative InterActions,  we will explore tools for heart based connection. As the ancient  language of the Andes, ayni, expresses being in right relationship with our thoughts, words and actions produces a synergistic experience.

*We will start by establishing the guidelines of engagement.  We illustrate through a mock conversation and if things seem to go awry, we look beyond first glance, and re-engage. During the program, we will activate tools collaboratively to reach the available potential.

*This will be a deep conversation on creating meaningful and transformational InterActions. We will gain tools for regenerative flowing narratives with our Self, partnerships, families, business, and nations.  We become the tool by turning inward regardless of what is going on externally and/or internally. We give, receive and are the value. We show up with the highest goal in mind, beyond what we currently ‘think’. We listen, creating room for resolutions to present themselves.


Carolyn Bumgardner lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Is a certified Conscious Business Change Agent through Humanity's Team, first cohort. Among other things, such as Reiki Master, Energy Transformation Facilitator, certified Global Peace Ambassador, NLP, Nonviolent Communications, took The Silva Method at 12 years old, lifetime intuitive & energy channeler. I worked with Barbara Marks Hubbard  almost 2 years before she passed in a weekly beta group with which she participated, focused on small group development globally and the Wheel of Co-Creation, culminating at Sunrise just 5 months before she transitioned. Just for everyone's awareness of more about me.

Dr. Daniel Rieders – Medical Shamanism, MD,  lives and works in Silicon Valley, California, some say he is a shaman who just happens to be a cardiologist.  Triple board certified cardiologist, with additional certifications in  mind-body eating coach, energy medicine (with the shamans of the Andes), and  in functional medicine.  He is a reformed practitioner, in the past he has performed over 10,000 closed chest inside the heart procedures and surgeries, 4 decades of clinical experience.  He mentors other physicians in truly holistic care, including functional medicine, shamanism and environmental medicine. A big focus is on deep active listening in the present moment.   Active in psychedelic medicine.  Along with Kurt and many others, assist in the Peace Lab’s presentations for Humanity Rising.

Kurt Krueger, Lives on and cares for the ancestral land of the Tongvé indigenous people, about 20 miles N. of Los Angeles CA. Kurt is a global citizen serving a regenerative society and life on our planet; Kurt is one of the founders of the Peace Lab, an international, interfaith group of environmental and social justice activists of all ages. He is a polymath, philosopher, explorer, alchemist for love, and pragmatic futurist. Since the 1970s, Kurt has led peak performance and stress/trauma reduction programs on five continents for elite athletes/coaches, corporations, and educational institutions.



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