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Peace LAB

LABoratory ~ Does: experiments, investigations, research, and exploration... with emergent designs …
LAByrinth ~ Is: one winding, irregular, peaceful path, and personal experience... of spirit...

This is a page about an old idea whose time has come....

Humanity Rising's Peace LAB Week March 1st to 5th

Explore Peace in 2021, a new decade, a new reality. Please come play with us! Learn all about the ChatAction People's Peace LAB at our new website here.

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  • Peace Resource Page
  • Peace LAB Survey (see below)
  • Peace LAB's 21 Day Peace Challenge 2021 (see below)

Peace LAB Survey

  • Take (and share) the Peace Survey. Please let us know about your reality and vision of peace in 2021. You are invited to complete the Peace Survey here for individuals and/or organizations

21 Day Peace Challenge

Playing in a Peace LAB

The Peace Labyrinth©


On this Special Day, we would LOVE YOUR COLLABORATION AND PARTICIPATION on this quest…

The VISION for the Peace LAB is “Peace with Everything, and Everything with Peace.” ~ Lama Gangchen

We are envisioning a powerful step for Humanity Rising forward and upward by exploring what the Peace LAB can develop. We are on a quest to uncover a new definition of a mystery that is waiting to be solved for humanity and life on our planet. The PEOPLE are investigating and creating peace.

When you have any ideas that could bring peace in any manner, anywhere, anytime, please apply it and then share it ~ with us too…

What does “peace” mean to you? How is it changing /evolving? How is peace showing up in you life right now? Where do you see peace as an active and vibrant Life Force? What unexamined beliefs and assumptions do you have regarding peace? What does a culture of peace look like?

When we take some responsibility for being the Peace where we are, we are then models for others to follow ~ the ripples begin with us!

Together we fly more easily ~ like the two wings of a bird… :) The Peace LAB practices/programs dramatically reduces violence, recidivism, and wars… We get what we focus upon. Let's share our ideas and expertise. Shalom

Lots of Love,

K. A. Krueger Peace LAB

"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect." ~Chief Seattle Peace Labyrinth©

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Wheel of Co-Creation by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Areas of Influence for Living Peace

Each of the areas listed below can have profound influences on internal and external states of peace. For purposes of our Peace LAB, the links for each area will connect the reader with examples that advance the cause of peace. These areas flow from Barbara Marx Hubbard's Wheel of Co-Creation (pictured on the right). See Wheel of Co-Creation.

  1. EDUCATION ~ curriculum for the multi intelligence development of humanity. "Let Love be the teacher." ~ Rumi.
  2. SPIRITUALITY/RELIGION ~ conversations for building bridges within and across philosophical, spiritual, and ethical beliefs
  3. RELATIONSHIPS ~ building life giving relationships within families, workplace, and communities
  4. ECONOMY ~ Creating economic systems that support all life
  5. ARTS ~ Uplifting and positive inspirations
  6. GOVERNANCE ~ ideas for building more cooperation and inclusion into governance.
  7. MEDIA ~ Empowering Communications, Positive and uplifting programming.
  8. ENVIRONMENT~ care for all of creation
  9. JUSTICE ~ building systems of equity; practices of restorative justice
  10. HEALTH ~ available for ALL. Holistic, homeopathy, various healing modalities experimented/researched with allopathy when needed,
  11. SCIENCE ~ ways science and peace inform each other
  12. RESOURCES~ links to resources within the multidimensionality of peace
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Here are a few helpful tools for co-creating spaces for peace to emerge.

  1. Listening
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Breathwork
  4. Meditation/Prayer
  5. Systemic Constellations
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Peace Planning Meetings & More

Meeting links are here until a better place is assigned.
The directory below contains video and chat files associated with non chatpeople (afterchaat) activities.
These links include ChatAction planning, City Week planning, Peace Week planning and Deep Dives.


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