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Date HR


Topic CONVENER Panelists
18-Nov-20 141 Dialogue with Malcolm Stern: How to thrive amidst loss and uncertainty Peter Merry Malcolm Stern,
Sabinia Von Gaffke
19-Nov-20 142 Daniel Ellsberg on Dismantling the “Doomsday Machine” to Avert Nuclear Catastrophe, Whistleblowing and the Future of Our Democracy Cynthia Lazarof Daniel Ellsberg
20-Nov-20 143 The Art of Grief: The Need for Community and Ritual Jim Garrison Kayleen Asbo
Sabinia Von Gaffke Francis Weller,
Larry Robinson
Doug Von Koss
Kate Munger
23-Nov-20 144 The Art of Grief, Part 2. Jim Garrison Kayleen Asbo,
Sabinia Von Gaffke Doug Von Koss
Taylor Lampson Piet,
24-Nov-20 145 Bohm, Krishnamurti and the Unity of Everything Peter Merry Nish Dubashia
25-Nov-20 146 Book of Codes Jim Garrison Joe Truss,
Sabinia Von Gaffke
26-11-2020 147 We are Nature, Reconnecting with Wisdom and Oneness Jim Garrison Susannah Grover
Sabinia Von Gaffke Basil Savitsky Basil Savitsky,
Alberto Coyote Ruz
27-11-2020 148 Breakthroughs in Physics and Cosmology and the Rise of a New Story for Humanity Jim Garrison Zvi Ish-Shalom
Sabinia Von Gaffke
30-Nov-20 149 Trump’s Obstruction of US Presidential Election Jim Garrison Richard Dunne,
Sabinia Von Gaffke
01-Dec-20 150 From Cacophony to Coherence through the Arts and Philosophy Jim Garrison Dr. Kathleen Riley
Sabinia Von Gaffke George Smith,
Simonetta Moro
Mary Mazurek,
George Orwel,
Zoma Wallace,

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