HR!Day354 - Global Regeneration Summit Day 4: Code Red for Health Justice

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Code Red for Health Justice identifies the responsibility of healthcare providers and systems to protect vulnerable populations from the adverse impacts of climate crisis. These impacts run the entire spectrum of human health needs. Vulnerable populations are disproportionately impacted by climate change, including low-income communities and communities of color, as well as older people, children, and those with underlying health conditions. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the health effects of climate change impact children under five years of age.

It is absolutely essential and urgent that healthcare providers everywhere wake up to how we can unify, collaborate and take action to educate and empower individuals at the community level to address the already evident consequences of climate crisis, and prepare for the acceleration of these conditions, including reduced access to institutionalized medicine.

Given the holistic impacts of climate crisis it is the duty of healthcare providers to immediately foster, organize and implement strategic methods to deliver healthcare education and resources at the grassroots level. These resources must be culturally sensitive, self-care oriented, translated into multiple languages, and easily accessible. This action is of the highest priority. Planning to develop and implement such outreach and compassionate care must begin immediately.

Special considerations for neurodiverse children, youth and adults are necessary as part of an overall design for community empowered healthcare and education. Specific protocols for the major areas of impact such as mental health, respiratory conditions, extreme heat, increased allergens, water quality impacts, forced migration and environmental degradation are basic and must be available in language understandable to the average person.


Stephanie Mines is a neuroscientist, clinical researcher, trauma specialist, educator and the author of five books on the treatment of shock and trauma. She is the founder of the TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma and Climate Change & Consciousness. Dr. Mines is devoted to empowering vulnerable populations and preparing them for the health consequences of climate crisis. She is a Fellow of the Planetary Health Lab of the University of Edinburgh. Dr. Mines is renowned for her research and services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Vandana Shiva is a scholar, environmental activist, eco-feminist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author. She is tireless in her devoted activism in person, through her brilliant writing, and her unprecedented leadership. She is the founder of Navdanya, an Earth and women centered farmer led movement for the protection of biological and cultural diversity. Her passionate intelligence is a model of dedication to humanity and the living earth.

Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe) is a Native American Elder whose work explores the meeting point between ceremony and deep social healing. Pat was born into the Dine (Navajo) nation, and has also received a spiritual training with the Lakota tradition. She travels and teaches widely on the Indigenous science of Thriving Life. Her work seeks to revivify human knowledge and meaning-making, by restoring the holistic knowledge practices known to indigenous people.

Shamini Jain is a Clinical Psychologist, author, scientist, and founder and CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), a nonprofit collaborative accelerator that connects scientists, health practitioners, innovators, and social entrepreneurs to advance the science and practice of healing. Dr, Jain is on the forefront of a necessary revolution in science, medicine, and healing.

Dr. Clare Willocks is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist and Well-being Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the NHS. She has served as National Clinical Lead with the Maternity and Children’s Quality Improvement Collaborative (Healthcare Improvement Scotland) and Secretary to the British Society of Biopsychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is a Clinical Lecturer at Glasgow University, and taught Differential Clinical Diagnosis with the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine for 4 years.

Dr. Ousmane Aly Pame is the Founder and President of GEN (Global Ecovillages) Africa and REDES, the regenerative agriculture agency for the entire Sahel ( He is a renowned expert in the traditional cultural and agricultural practices of West Africa.


COP 26 in Glasgow takes place within “Code Red for Humanity,” thus making it the most consequential Conference of Parties in its 26 year old history. Never before has so much been at stake for so many. The whole world hangs in the balance around whether humanity will radically curtail its use of fossil fuels in time to avert its own destruction. All indicators are that we will not, we will continue to squander time and resources gobbling up fossil fuels, spewing CO2 into the atmosphere and refusing to change a way of life that has wiped out two thirds of the biodiversity on our planet in the last 50 years. 2021 will mark the second highest carbon emissions in history with no let up in sight. We are now in the climate tipping point. Escalating ecological turbulence is now unavoidable. How we respond, whether we take action to regenerate the global ecosystem, how we navigate through what is coming, will determine our fate.

Because of the importance of this COP, Humanity Rising is convening a 12 day Global Regeneration Summit to coincide with activities in Glasgow from Nov 1 - 12. Each day, we will be taking up a different theme and hearing from a panel of specialists as well as activists in Glasgow both inside and outside the conference. Climate activists across a range of perspectives, cultures and organizations will come together to express their concerns about government inaction, their plans for climate justice and their aspirations for a world aligned with natural systems.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


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