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Stephanie Mines is a neuroscientist, clinical researcher, trauma specialist, educator and the author of five books on the treatment of shock and trauma. She is the founder of the TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma and Climate Change & Consciousness. Dr. Mines is devoted to empowering vulnerable populations and preparing them for the health consequences of climate crisis. She is a Fellow of the Planetary Health Lab of the University of Edinburgh. Dr. Mines is renowned for her research and services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Stephanie Mines, PhD, is the author of five books that reflect over three decades of research as a neuroscientist. She has investigated shock and trauma as a survivor, a professional, a clinical researcher, and healthcare provider. Her nonprofit The TARA Approach is instrumental in the systemic change she promotes as a Regenerative Health paradigm. Dr. Mines also developed Climate Change & Consciousness to facilitate inner transformation for grounded climate action. Climate Change & Consciousness serves an international and intergenerational community of visionary activists. In addition, Dr. Mines is an award-winning poet. Her poetry has been published in anthologies and in chapbooks. Dr. Mines’ latest book, Memoir of An Embryologist: How I Discovered the Secret of Resilience, will be released in 2023 from Inner Traditions/Sacred Planet Books.

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