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Marilyn Hamilton PhD CPA/CGA CSP invites you to check out our Ubiquity University courses, Beyond Smart and Beyond Resilient Online. Watch our Panel on Solutions for Human Habitats and join us at Cities Rising Week Jan. 11-15, 2021 on Humanity Rising . Catch up with our AQtivities and 2021 events in our Solstice Newsletter, Gaia's Reflective Organ.

Out beyond the smart city, out beyond the resilient city, Lives the Integral City. There is a Knowing Field ... we will meet you there.

  • 2021 Course: Beyond Resilient: Integral City Inquiry, Action and Impact. Live Faculty Sessions will run beginning on January 20 through April 7, 2021 – on Wednesdays between 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific/16:00 to 18:00 CET on Zoom. If you are taking this course for credit, your attendance at these live sessions is highly encouraged. It is recommended, although not required, that you take the Beyond Smart: Integral City Practices, Tools, Maps microcourse before this one to increase your understanding of the topics that will be covered.

  • Founder Integral City Meshworks
    • Keynote Ecocity World Summit
  • Convenor Ubiquity U/Integral City Courses:
    • Beyond Smart Online
    • Beyond Resilient Online,
  • UrbanA Fellow for #sustainablejustcities; Co-Convenor, Centre for Human Emergence Canada
  • Faculty, Ubiquity U, Findhorn College, Royal Roads U, U Victoria, Fielding U, Adizes Grad School

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