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--- Humanity Rising Day 296 - Wednesday July 21, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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Shelly Alcorn

The denigration of our planetary environment has reached a critical point — in the last 50 years there has been a 69% loss of biodiversity of animals, plants, birds, fish, insects, and forests, according to the World Wildlife Fund. This means that sustainability is no longer an option for humanity. One cannot be sustainable with a destroyed habitat. The only option left for us is regeneration. Regenerative Development is a holistic approach to development where the conditions for life are enhanced. Humans must re-vitalize, renew, and regenerate both community and planet to ensure not only our survival but the survival of all species. Nature’s well-being and human well-being are inextricably linked. Human ecology is as broken and despoiled as Nature’s is. Both must be renewed immediately and synergistically. The nature and scope of our crises, at the center of which is runaway climate change, leave humanity with no other choice. We must regenerate or perish.

To address this challenge, a coalition from Humanity Rising has emerged that has developed both a new Masters in Regenerative Action and BA in Global Skills and Regeneration and has now agreed to establish the Global Regeneration Corps in the spirit of John Kennedy’s Peace Corps in the 1960s. We believe that Regeneration is the single greatest priority for the human race at this moment. Global temperatures have now reached 2 degrees Centigrade above preindustrial levels and CO2 has passed 400 PPM. We are now in the the tipping point that scientists have warned about for decades. There is no greater challenge than to train Regeneration First Responders in every country to avert catastrophe.


Shelly Alcorn, Chief Operating Officer of Ubiquity University, Joel Carboni, CEO of Green Project Management, Jim Garrison, President of Ubiquity University, Marilyn Hamilton, CEO of Integral Cities Meshworks, Eduard Müller, President of the University of International Cooperation, and Lesley Southwick-Trask, Chief Development Officer of Ubiquity


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