Hugo Araujo

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  • Hugo Araujo is a creative healer with global experience in different business sector such as marketing, sales, sustainability, conservation and innovation. Hugo is also a biomimicry artist ( that metamorphosized after a deep reconnection with nature and indigenous cultures. His designs are harmonized with life and his wings are digital. His strength relies in simple and beautiful visualizations that allow the understanding of the new and regenerative world.
  • 7Vortex SRL is Hugo's biomimicry company based in Belgium (since 2017) as a result of more than 10 years of front-line iterations on impact evaluation, sustainability and innovation. With a mission to find harmony between ourselves and our habitats by creating solutions aligned with life, their intention is to create beautiful narratives using technology and business as a regenerative force for the planet.


This is a clip (about 30 minutes long) in which Hugo presents a "tour" of the HIVE during an AfterChat session.
We need someone to edit this to make it more to the point.

Participation on Humanity Rising