HR!Day292 - Biomimicry - Melina Angel, Nancy Woodman, Tamsin Woolley-Barker & Hugo Araujo

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--- Humanity Rising Day 292 - Thursday July 15, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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In this session, we will explore the phenomenon of Biomimicry by sharing the amazing biology that has evolved from the perspective on nature. We will have several brilliant biologists that will share their biological insights in different projects through the years.  

“Starting her professional path in theoretical and evolutionary biology with a systemic and cognitive view of living systems, Melina understood evolution in complex contexts of community. With a master degree on biomimicry and as a Biomimicry Professional, she has been asking nature about regeneration and evolution at different scales, from individuals to ecosystems, to be applied on human systems. She is deeply engaged in the Regeneration of the planet and the evolution of humans so she leverage projects in Systemic Regeneration as Colombia Regenerativa of the Regenerative Communities Network and participatory ecological restoration. She is co-creator and teacher at a master’s degree of sustainable living systems, and consults for private, public and civil organizations. She is part of the BSoul, IPBES and ISO for biomimetics. Melina will be leading other digital conversations around Biomimicry & Finance with the Regenerative Communities Network few days before HR.

That’s a lot of time to innovate. A lot of time to “get things right”. Nature has come up with elegant, mind-boggling and truly wondrous solutions to surviving and thriving on the planet.  Relatively speaking, we are fledglings, with a lot to learn. Through the evolutionary process, life has created conditions conducive to life. What if we did, too?  What if we took nature’s point of view? Combining disciplines, we put our heads together to look for a better way.  How might we accelerate innovation while creating conditions conducive to life? By emulating nature’s genius and taking a deep dive into its resilient, unique and time-tested strategies, we’ve found a new perspective. A new lens with powerful tools for innovation. We believe we have found a better way. Together with Nan we collaborate at “Biominga: a multidisciplinary team representing biology, business, design and engineering.

Are you as desperate for greater agility, innovation, resilience, and regeneration as I am? Living things have survived and thrived on change for nearly 4 billion years, and the patterns and processes we see in them apply equally to our own endeavors, because we are alive. Nature's oldest and most successful societies––ants and honeybees, even mycelial fungi and slime molds––have evolved incredibly robust and effective ways of working together for collective abundance. What can we learn from them as we design and lead in our own organizations? My first book, TEEMING, laid the philosophical groundwork for consciously applying these evolutionary-based principles to everything we do. Incredibly, it was a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Animal Behavior, Environmental Economics, Developmental Learning, and Ecology, and the first printing sold out. Today, I am beyond excited to share that the follow up, The TEEMING Transformation, is on its way! From space to anthropology Tamsin is THE biologist connected in S.Valley and global computing superpowers.

Hugo Araujo is a creative healer with global experience in different business sector such as marketing, sales, sustainability, conservation and innovation. Hugo is also a biomimicry artist ( that metamorphosized after a deep reconnection with nature and indigenous cultures. His designs are harmonized with life and his wings are digital. His strength relies in simple and beautiful visualizations that allow the understanding of the new and regenerative world. 7vortex SRL is a biomimicry company based in Belgium (since 2017) as a result of more than 10 years of front-line iterations on impact evaluation, sustainability and innovation. With a mission to find harmony between ourselves and our habitats by creating solutions aligned with life, their intention is to create beautiful narratives using technology and business as a regenerative force for the planet.”



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