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Click on the Episode Number to go to the Humanity Rising Day Page for that episode. On that page you will find all the recordings of the videos and the chats and detailed information about that session.

Date HR Episode Topic CONVENER Panelists
31-Jul-20 71 From Value Chains & Circular Economies to System Value Cycles Jim Garrison RalphThurm
71 Bill Baue
1-Aug 72 Mindsets for Change How conscious leaders design meaningful action towards a Vital World Jim Garrison KarenWilhelm Buckley
72 Prishani Satyapal
72 Kristin Envig
72 Adah Parris
72 Elisa Mallis
2-Aug-20 73 Voices from the Elders Jim Garrison Chief Phil Lane
73 Ejna Fleury
3-Aug-20 74 Creating Sustainable Brands Jim Garrison David G Hopkins
4-Aug-20 75 Developing Personal Empowerment in a time of COVID Jim Garrison Andera Bartofi
75 Sarah Drew
75 Jeff Dunne
75 Peter Engberg
75 Matt Robertson
75 Gary Wohl
5-Aug-20 76 Practicing Pause Post Covid19 Jim Garrison Jennifer Hill
Sister Dr.Jenna
76 Dr.Rollin McCraty
76 Arthur Joseph
76 Michael Ventura
76 Amanda Masters
6-Aug-20 77 Transforming our Nuclear Legacy: Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Hiroshima Cynthia Lazaroff Kuma Hula Puna Dawson
77 Christine Ahn
77 Kehkashan Basu
77 Rachel Bronson
77 Audrey kitagawa
77 Jessica Slight
7-Aug-20 78 Concious Leadership John Renesch
Corrie Voss
78 Joseph Jaworski
78 David Marshall
8-Aug-20 79 8:8 Star Lion Gate Sacred Fire for Global peace Jim Garrison Linda Tucker
79 Linda Tucker indegenous people ceremony around the world
9-Aug-20 80 Women Transforming our Nuclear Legacy - 75th Anniversary of Nagasaki Jim Garrison Cynthia Lazaroff
Christine Ahn
80 Molly Hurley
80 Togzhan Kassenova
80 Mary Olson
10-Aug-20 81 Science as a Radical Collabrative Endeavor Jim Garrison Valerie A Luzadia
Anna M Stewart Ibarra
81 Daniela Manuschevich
81 Bradly D Parrish
81 Elisabeth Chole Erdmann
11-Aug-20 82 A Crucial Time of Choice - Healing Humanity; Healing the Earth Jim Garrison Anne Baring
82 Sailesh Rao
12-Aug-20 83 NextGen 2030: Integral Actions for Everyday Life Jim Garrison Raji Jayasinghe
83 Veronical Saldias
83 Shelot Masitihi
83 Matt Robertson

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