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Inequality and Public Health

--- Humanity Rising Day 272 - Thursday June 17, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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This is the final session of the second series on future health and wellbeing  for Humanity Rising: convened as ever by Lars Münter of the Nordic Health 2030 Movement and David Somekh of the European Health Futures Forum - under the overall headline of ‘Challenging the Model’.

In this session, we have a fascinating group of contributors on a theme which troubles all of us, and remains over the past years a major issue that won’t be resolved without major changes. During the pandemic, the existence of inequality, whether of income, of health or of opportunity, showed the dire consequences it can have on a significant portion of society. It had been there before: the pandemic simply amplified the effects on those lives.

It’s also true to say that our societies have never been so diverse. Mass migration through all sorts of factors during the last decades has accelerated this trend, but often there are real barriers to integration of the new-comers. Cohesion within our affluent society has been weakening anyway and this problem of integration increases the fragmentation. Even in a different sphere, where there has been some progress, regarding  sexuality, gender identity and the rights of specific groups it’s all been too slow.  


  • Bob Fullilove,  Prof in Sociomedical  Sciences, Columbia University NY,  working with vulnerable African-American men
  • Katerina Cramer, Research Fellow in International Relations and Global Politics of technology at University of Bonn, on differential impacts of the COVID pandemic
  • Stephen Brien, Director of Policy, the Legatum Institute (London): COVID and social justice
  • Anna Myrup, Programme Manager for Public Health Services, WHO Europe, on strategic leadership in the time of the pandemic  (a brief video contribution)
  • Rebecca Malby, Professor Health Systems Innovation, London South Bank University, on inequality in the UK NHS services



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