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HR ChatPeople is ...

  • The "AfterChat" Zoom meeting immediately following each Humanity Rising Session Monday to Friday.
  • Get on the ChatPeople list to receive a daily email with video recordings, saved chats and images from Zoom for both the HR and AfterChat sessions. (ask to add you).
  • ChatPeople's after-chat provides an opportunity for deep dive dialogue with each topic, often with HR Presenters, plus checkins where we encourage all voices to be heard and faces to be seen in empowering us all to co-create our ever-improving world.
  • This persistant showing up, has created a core of ChatAction people who are creating projects to take action on the emerging ideas from Humanity Rising Ted Talk like Presentations. Projects such as Cities Rising, Peace LAB, HR Documentary, Our Heart Gardens, etc.
  • The ChatAction process is flourishing! It's lead to the creation of a new domain name: with associated email lists such has which may be useful for the City Week at the start of 2021 and any other City related efforts that people choose to work on. Join the focused City list by emailing us at ^.
  • ChatAction and their sublists like the Cities list, are welcome to our Saturday Deep Dive offerings shared freely from our skillsets and ever expanding experiences to empower us all.
  • To Zoom with the ChatPeople, just after Humanity Rising Sessions (so about 12:30pm NY time), go to ChatPeople Zoom Meeting here and use passcode 919541.
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