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Humanity Rising Day 207 After Chat   –   Thursday March 18, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 207:

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00:12:57    Nicolaj Faber:    In Denmark for years public health have only been about nutrition, alcohol,exercice and smoking: fix those and everything is perfect. Now I have introduced sex, sleep and togetherness as more important parameters

00:13:17    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    The Lancet has had major sandal in regards to its truth speaking

00:13:55    Diane Skidmore:    Would also add that not only the governments and the media (and therefore eth people) are not even looking at how we live - just "Where's the vaccine?" and "Now we have a vaccine we'll be OK"!!!

00:14:58    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    YAY Victoria

00:16:18    Davidson:    @Nicolaj, I commend and admire your innovativeness

00:16:43    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    Another, On being Certain, believing You are right even when You’re Not, Robert A Burton, MD

00:16:52    Nicolaj Faber:    @Davidson thanks

00:16:55    Kurt Krueger:    Nicolaj, yes,  in your statement all of the above…

00:20:59    marciaraffstudio:    Lesley, you’re such a good moderator!

00:22:15    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    by the time the long term condition appears, the disease was able to take hold over often decades.

00:23:12    Diane Skidmore:    And this weekend, the Transition Town people will end a three week conference where we are lookin at ways forward - joining together ages, colours and creeds and including technology. So, even though government and corporations are not playing very well - the people are!!!!!

00:23:47    Victoria Betton:    I have to go now. Thank you for having me everyone :-)

00:23:48    Diane Skidmore:    Gotta go but will aim to add the link before I go completely - so maybe others can join!!!

00:23:48    Ian K:    I gotta go. I have a new badge “B2B ZC”

00:23:55    Ian K:    Back to Back Zoom Calls

00:24:11    Shannon McArthur:    Bye Ian!

00:24:24    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    hahaha Ian

00:24:37    Kurt Krueger:    To connect with after chat… Please leave your email.

00:24:58    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    I do not see it really as prevention

00:26:10    Nicolaj Faber:

00:26:18    marciaraffstudio:    I’d like to see the 12

00:26:54    Kurt Krueger:    Kurt Krueger,

00:27:43    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    how do you define Prevention, ????

00:27:57    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    I am a cardiologist, hahaha

00:28:36    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    I have a patient with cPTSD who invented his own app here in Silicon Valley

00:28:50    Nicolaj Faber:    the current motivation is to fix the problem. When we are talking NCD there is no cure

00:29:28    Tuvi Orbach:

00:29:31    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:

00:30:07    Nicolaj Faber:    thank you for a great webinar - it is dinner time in Denmark so my family is waiting for me. Have a nice day

00:31:06    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    I am giving a lecture to psychiatrists and healthcare professionals on healthy relationships, anything they need to hear.  please speak to this.

00:31:13    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    April 11

00:34:20    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    the metrics we measure, are too late, and too expensive.  it is never too late.

00:34:49    David Somekh:    Really sorry, I have to rush off to another session now. Unhealthy existence! Like smoking and drinking isn't it, you know it might not be good for you, but you still may do it!

00:35:38    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    dont include me in all doctors

00:41:18    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    If vaccines are really safe, it would be great if all rich nations paid for the globe to be vaccinated.

00:42:13    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    Vitamin D, vitamin A, selenium, vitamin C are all found in food.  this makes us not good hosts for COVID 19

00:42:13    Shannon McArthur:    Davidson, it seems the iPhone could be an essential lifeline for personal healthcare in Africa to enable people to be more able to access doctors.

00:42:58    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    there is soooo much censorship on scientific information, with lots of speciousness

00:44:56    Davidson Akhonya:    Shannon, you have s point there

00:46:15    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    I just reread a great book, “Why We Sleep”

00:47:01    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    This vaccine is from a dominator society, the hero, the vaccine

00:48:01    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    a lot of dark skinned people are vitamin D deficit

00:48:19    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    dont forget to balance vitamin d with vitamin K2

00:48:39    Tom Bougsty:    As Leslie asked, here is my email address, for holistic, integrated approaches and tools to healthy and sustainable living.

00:49:42    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    data collection and design is skewed,  they do not want data on “so-called non scientific”

00:50:56    Kurt Krueger:    Dr. Gabriel Cousens is my doctor… holistic since 1970’s

00:51:10    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    wow Kurt

00:51:27    Davidson Akhonya:    Thank you Tom.  The world has become a village, let's stay knit by sharing info and resources.

00:54:09    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    how about measuring HRV?

00:55:19    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    mental health field uses DSM V for billing.  however, efficacy has been often discarded

00:55:57    Stanley Pokras:    Tuvi - you might appreciate a book called “Cracking the Aging Code” by Josh Mitteldorf and Dorion Sagan. It’s subtitle is “the new Science of Growing old - and what it means for staying young.”

00:57:04    marciaraffstudio:    Stan, it sounds like I need that book!  Talk about aging  LOL

00:57:30    Tom Bougsty:    Yes, since we exist in a human village you might be interested in my multiple approaches to integrate universal health principles presented in my latest book, Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future.

00:58:31    Kurt Krueger:    Dr. Gabriel Cousens

00:58:41    marciaraffstudio:    I’m going to be living in Israel and want to find out if there are meetings I could go to that speak in English!

00:58:41    Kurt Krueger:    Conscious Eating.

00:59:13    marciaraffstudio:    I’m not ready!

00:59:44    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    I’ve been watching you Marcia today, very strong and clean energy

01:00:39    marciaraffstudio:    That was intended for everyone  wonder how it got to you?

01:01:05    marciaraffstudio:    Daniel, amazing it shows!

01:01:17    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    it shows brightly Marcia

01:02:38    marciaraffstudio:    I put in a couple of ours of physical work in my studio this morning. moving 10” bricks around etc!

01:03:03    marciaraffstudio:    10 pound bricks etc

01:05:08    marciaraffstudio:    Israel is just as safe or safer than Austin.  I want to visit my family and go to Akko to walk my The butterfly Labyrinth that’s in Akko in my daughter Cathy and son in law Alon painted on the floor of their newly renovated building to be come a community bldg and they have exciting programs!

01:05:37    Keith’s iPhone:    Thanks so much for this chat

01:05:44    Davidson Akhonya:    My email:

01:05:52    Shannon McArthur:    Congratulations, Marcia. Sounds like a good move.

01:08:19    marciaraffstudio:    I used to have a MRS

01:08:44    Leo Jacoby:    Ph.D. Play happily Daily

01:09:00    Shannon McArthur:    books are very heavy

01:09:08    Leo Jacoby:    I have that same problem with 50,000 books

01:09:42    marciaraffstudio:    Tuvi, where do you live?

01:09:49    Daniel MeWe Silicon Valley:    digital books require a computer or handheld device

01:09:51    marciaraffstudio:    I cam ein late…sorry//

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