HR!Day135 - Veteran Journalist and Bestselling Author Vladimir Pozner on the Stakes in U.S.-Russia Relations, the Role of the Media, and Citizen Diplomacy

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Humanity Rising Day 135   –   Tuesday November 10, 2021

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One week after the U.S. election, veteran journalist and best-selling author Vladimir Pozner considers the state of U.S.-Russia relations, how we got to where we are today, and where to go from here, highlighting the challenges, opportunities and stakes in the relationship between the two countries that still possess over 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons.

In this conversation with old friends Jim Garrison, Jim Hickman and Cynthia Lazaroff, Mr. Pozner will share his insights and wisdom on the role of the media, citizen diplomacy and the U.S. and Russia’s shared interest in overcoming their differences to address the most urgent problems of our time – climate change, the pandemic, nuclear weapons and more.  

  • Vladimir Pozner is a veteran journalist, bestselling author, and documentary filmmaker. He is the host of the top-rated weekly current affairs program on Channel One, Russia’s largest television network. Named the “Voice of Moscow” by CNN, Pozner is a regular commentator on Russia and the history of the Cold War in Western media. Mr. Pozner has won multiple Soviet, Russian, and American awards, including three Emmy certificates, ten TEFY awards (the Russian equivalent of the Emmy) and several international awards. He is internationally recognized and ranks among the most respected people in the television profession in Russia today.
  • Jim Hickman is Board Chair and Professor of Neuroscience at Ubiquity University.  After his first trip to Moscow in 1972, Jim was active for the next 35 years developing economic and professional relations between the US and the USSR/Russia and worked with Vladimir Pozner on the initial US/USSR Space Bridges.  Jim has written numerous articles for such publications as the Wall Street Journal Europe, the Moscow Times, and Inc. Magazine.  He is currently writing a book on how the latest discoveries in quantum physics, epigenetics, and neuroscience, when combined with the teachings of the wisdom traditions, inform us about Successful Living in Turbulent Times.  
  • Cynthia Lazaroff is the founder of NuclearWakeUpCall.Earth. She has been active in Soviet/Russian - US relations for many decades and has worked closely with Vladimir Posner, Jim Hickman, Jim Garrison and others on issues pertaining to citizen diplomacy, nuclear weapons reduction and security issues. Cynthia convened the Humanity Rising sessions on August 6 and August 9 commemorating the 75th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She will be convening the session on January 22, 2021, the day the UN Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons goes into effect.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University, with Sabinije von Gaffke, Entrepreneur, Change Leader, Founder, Impactfullness Ventures

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