HR!Day003 - Re-Believing our World: Community, Creativity and Spirituality

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Sunday, May 24, 2020 - Humanity Rising Day 3
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To create a different world, we need to be newly enchanted with life, with nature, with each other. We need to believe that a different future is possible and that we can create it. The women at this table have all made a difference in the world: from finance to food, from justice to health care, from spirituality to environmental issues, form conscious fashion to politics.

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  • Rama Mani, Founder, Theatre of Transformation Academy, France
  • Ann McCreath, Founder, Fashion for Peace, FAFA, Managing Director, Kikoromeo, Kenya
  • Julie Piatt, Founder of SriMati Music & SriMu, Best-selling Author, US
  • Lorrana Scarpioni, CEO and Co-Founder, Beliive, Brazil
  • Holly Woods, Best-selling Author, Purpose Driven Coaching and Consulting, US


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Sabinije von Gaffke
Espiride Ananas
Anna Naturalista
emilia Queiroga
Pamela Girard Allard
Rama Mani
Ann McCreath
Julie Piatt
Lorrana Scarpioni
Holly Woods


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