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Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Boston College. He has been President or Co-President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology for many years, making history in 2006 as the first African American and first person of color to be President of this national Association since its founding in 1962 by world-renown psychologists in the field like Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. He is a tenured Full Professor and former Dean at University of Massachusetts-Boston, currently serves as Human Services Program Director and Human Service Internship Coordinator, is a co-founder of two visionary organizations (Interculture, Inc. and Associates in Human Understanding), is a co-founder of Massachusetts’ historic Commonwealth Diversity Fellows Program, has been a clinical practitioner for over 35+ years, is a member of a number of boards, is a human relations, multicultural, and organizational development consultant, and workshop facilitator, is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and is a published author of books, articles, and other writings (e.g., Evolving The Human Race Game; A New Perspective on Race and Color; Transitions in Consciousness from an African American Perspective; and Innovative Approaches to Education and Community Service). He also has received a number of awards for his scholarship and presentations at national and international conferences.

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 204 Undoing Racism: Archetypal Energies, Race Relations, And Decolonizing The Anti-Black Racist Mind
-- Cuf joined us for this AfterChat
Day 240 Growing up Black Inside Systemic Racism
Day 255 The Murder Of George Floyd, Black Maleness (Masculinity), And The “Dark Unknown Archetype” In Our Individual And Collective Consciousness
Day 366-1 Thu 11/18/21 Iconography of Black Manhood As It Relates To Transitions in Individual and Collective Consciousness
Day 447 Mon 4/4/22   I: Commemorating the Anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King in the Context of Black Leadership
Day 448 Tue 4/5/22   II: The Rise of Younger Black Voices Regarding Race Relations and Necessary Repair Work
Day 449 Wed 4/6/22   III: Spiritual or Soul-Centered Ways To Play The Human Race Game Anew
Day 450 Thu 4/7/22   IV: The Relevance of Humanistic Psychology for Today’s Reality
Day 451 Fri 4/8/22   V: Generic Race-Linked Wounds and How Best To Manage and/or Heal Them
Day 499 Wed 6/15/22 Day II: Conscious Leadership to the Rescue?
Day 621 Mon 1/30/23 Systemic Racism Day 1: Conversations with Black Men About How They Tapped Into Their Own Creativity To Structure Journeys To Make A Difference At Individual and Collective Levels
Day 622 Tue 1/31/23 Systemic Racism Day 2: A Conversation with Black Men About Personal, Societal, and/or Global Challenges and Resilience
Day 623 Wed 2/1/23 Systemic Racism Day 3: A Conversation with Black Men About Finding One’s Passion To Make A Difference at Individual and Collective Levels
Day 624 Thu 2/2/23 Systemic Racism Day 4: A Conversation with Black Men About Their Educational Journeys
Day 625 Fri 2/3/23 Systemic Racism Day 5: A Conversation with Black Men About Creative Visions for the Future (All in The Family)
Day 697 Mon 5/15/23 AI Tutors - Madness or Magic
Day 873 Mon 3/11/24 Living In Synchronicity with Dr. Carroy Ferguson

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