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Day II: Conscious Leadership to the Rescue?

--- Humanity Rising Day 499 - Wednesday June 15, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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Can Conscious Leadership make a significant difference in creating a better world?

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Leaders and the attributes they embody are forever evolving based on the challenges that arise. The complexity of the world’s problems doesn’t allow us to scale the situational leadership necessary. Rather, we need to acknowledge that everyone is being required to be a leader. So where are we seeing indications of hopeful leadership? Where is significant impact being delivered? What can we expect?


Tom Eddington, Founder and CEO, Endangered Global, and George Cappannelli, Founder and CEO, Age Nation]]


  • Dean Anderson is an international thought leader, speaker, author and strategic advisor to the C-Suite. For 40 years, Dr. Anderson has been guiding transformational leaders for America’s Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and global non-profit organizations to apply his Systems of Transformation to produce breakthroughs in their mindset, behavior and style and their organization’s culture, systems and performance. Dean is a “head in the stars, feet on the ground” type of guy. He has two degrees from Stanford University, where was also an All-American swimmer and water polo player. Dean received an honorary doctorate degree from Chapman University for his life’s work co-developing a new field of study-Conscious Change Leadership-which integrates human development and organization transformation in ways never done before. He is co-author of Beyond Change Management and The Change Leader’s Roadmap, and the CEO and Co-Founder of Being First, Inc. And the Center for Achieving Breakthrough. Dean lives in Durango, Colorado, is an outdoor enthusiast, regenerative farmer and master mischief-maker.
  • Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Convener, has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Boston College. He has been President or Co-President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology for many years, making history in 2006 as the first African American and first person of color to be President of this national Association since its founding in 1962 by world-renown psychologists in the field like Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. He is a tenured Full Professor and former Dean at University of Massachusetts-Boston, currently serves as Human Services Program Director and Human Service Internship Coordinator, is a co-founder of two visionary organizations (Interculture, Inc. and Associates in Human Understanding), is a co-founder of Massachusetts’ historic Commonwealth Diversity Fellows Program, has been a clinical practitioner for over 35+ years, is a member of a number of boards, is a human relations, multicultural, and organizational development consultant, and workshop facilitator, is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and is a published author of books, articles, and other writings (e.g., Evolving The Human Race Game; A New Perspective on Race and Color; Transitions in Consciousness from an African American Perspective; and Innovative Approaches to Education and Community Service).


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


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