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Humanity Rising Day 239 After Chat   –   Monday May 3, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 239:


00:43:06    Shannon McArthur:    ::

00:43:46    Shannon McArthur:    at 3pm EST Zoom at; ::

00:49:20    Kurt Krueger,    Here’s a succinct explanation of the several forms of Yoga. It was a handout from when I was consistently teaching it at S. Cal. colleges in the 70’s and 80’s. Hope it is useful for you. Let me know the one you use as a primary focus. Mine is Karma - Selfless Service. :)

Feel free to share these when you are guided. I’d Love to hear your impression of it all - especially Bhakti Yoga.

Why do blessings abound when You’re around?



Kurt Krueger

Founder of Success Systems International, and the institute of Sports Psychology.c

Success Systems International

Why is this the best day ever?

00:49:59    Kurt Krueger,    Love to talk with you about your sadhana/life

00:50:47    Shannon McArthur:    Rhonda (R.L.) Stephenson-Read

00:51:04    Dinesh Neelay:    mine - Prem Yoga (love)

00:51:29    Kurt Krueger,    The Bhakti boy. :)

00:51:33    Stanley Pokras:    I publish links to each of the Humanity Rising episodes along with the chat from each session and the recordings of these after chats and each of these chats. Put your email in this chat or send to me directly and I will add you to the “ChatPeople” email list to receive these daily reports.

00:52:03    R.L. Read:

00:52:21    Dinesh Neelay:

00:52:28    R.L. Read:    Rhonda Lee (RL) Stephenson-Read

00:53:05    R.L. Read:    wow - DAY GOD!! SUN GOD

00:54:32    Stanley Pokras:    I also publish a website called OtherNetworks and will happily add a page to link people to any of your public Internet offerings. Otherne

00:55:56    Stanley Pokras:    OtherNetworks is a directory of useful and interesting websites and a compendium of articles. ::

00:58:18    Kurt Krueger,    Could you find any book that would the answer this query in any of libraries or even the internet?

“What is the mystery of peace and justice, that when we were to discover and embrace, our realization of it would be faster and easier.”

How about using your creative genius? OR Collaborate with friends/neighbors and experience the synergy and more likely find an answer?

When you have any ideas that could bring peace in any manner, anywhere, anytime, please apply it and then share it ~ with us too…

When we take some responsibility for being the Peace where we are, we are then models for others to follow ~ the ripples begin with us!

00:58:19    Kurt Krueger,    Here’s a 12 minute video on a PeaceMaker Meditation handout. Groups are forming together or through teleconference to bring more Peace to the Planet. Here's a Meditation practice that can greatly help. ::  Peace with Everything, Everything with Peace will reverberate throughout your day… making it the focus and bringing more peace to you and ‘others.’


Peace LAB

LABoratory ~ experiments, investigates, researches, and explorations, and some emergent design … ALSO

LAByrinth ~ one winding, irregular, peaceful path in and out!

00:58:35    Debra Kaiser:    Hi Rhonda, you seem familiar to me,  I live in Toronto, and if I’m not mistaken we may have met via some mutual musical, creative, film friends.

00:59:40    Kurt Krueger,

01:03:32    Kurt Krueger,    Kurt Krueger is a global citizen serving a regenerating society and life on our planet, a Polymath, Philosopher, Explorer, Alchemist for Love, Educator, and Pragmatic Futurist. Since the 70’s, has presented programs on 5 continents for elite athletes/coaches, Corporations, and Educational Institutions.

For the past 12 years + have helped present/promote Alliance/Drawdown. Five years ago, I wrote the BestSelling series, Winning Ways for Living.

WE are developing a holistic, societal approach to developing Total Peace: ~ the Peace LAB  :: join the world’s team. We’re here to serve a thriving people/planet.

K. A. Krueger

member, Peace Lab

LABoratory ~ experiments, investigates, researches, and explorations, and some emergent design … ALSO

LAByrinth ~ one winding, irregular, peaceful path in and out!

We all come from the same root, but the leaves are different! ~ John Fire Lame Deer

01:04:49    Kurt Krueger,    1-818-399-0771

01:07:30    Stanley Pokras:    We could use the ChatAction email list to collect a list of potential participants for the deep dive into music. And we could use a beautifully written description of what we were inspired to do when Gary made his presentation on Humanity Rising and his wonderful visit with us here in the AfterChat.

01:09:06    Stanley Pokras: is the address of the list. You can also join the ChatAction List if you are willing to see a bit more email traffic than is sent via the ChatPeople list.

01:10:09    Dinesh Neelay:    I will drop off in 5mins...

01:10:24    Dinesh Neelay:    it is nice to meet everyone

01:10:44    Dinesh Neelay:    thank you for your connection

01:10:51    Kurt Krueger,    Have a magical day Dinesh. Come back soon.

01:11:01    Shannon McArthur:    thank you  for coming Dinesh! nice to meet you

01:12:02    Kurt Krueger,    I too get to go in 5 . Everyone have a great day serving other as y0u would like to be helped. :)

01:12:12    Davidson --Kenya:    @RL. Reed, glad to hear you mention Rotary. I am the President of the Rotary club of Bungoma Elgon in Kenya

01:12:50    Dinesh Neelay:    @kurt my number is 530 346 3746

01:13:20    R.L. Read:    Kurt - I am Stratford Rotarian - did first mission trip in fall 2019

01:13:33    Dinesh Neelay:    music is not my strength but I do make ayurvedic medicines here in India

01:13:35    Debra Kaiser:    Shannon, I will email you.

01:14:34    Shannon McArthur:    looking forward to it,  Debra!

01:15:08    Stanley Pokras:    ::

01:17:02    Shannon McArthur:    ::

01:17:16    Shannon McArthur:    ssounndd file fffor homeopathic remedy  of Covid

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