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Dr. Kathleen Riley convenes a special session with members of her Global Coherent Performers Community communicating with one another and the audience through intention made audible through music. We invite you into presence with us, to turn off your cell phones if possible, close your eyes and listen deeply. We are communicating through the Universal language of music. Beginning with a heart meditation and inspirational reading, we allow our music to speak - no explanations or descriptions. After this sound journey comes to a pause, we will join together in gallery view for a group discussion.

For the beginning intentional music sharing, we will not be reading the chat. We will chat with everyone when we come together in the gallery view. Following the interactions and inspirations of the group discussion, we invite you back into the listening room, sharing an amplified coherent music experience.


  • Kathleen Riley is a pianist, Yamaha Artist in Education, performer, researcher, lecturer, teacher and writer with a mission to help performing artists connect more deeply with their purpose and heart’s intelligence, and to voice it through their creativity. Kathleen has woven a path to help others through her expertise as a musician, biofeedback specialist, researcher and coach. Having received three degrees in piano performance, she performed for many years as a soloist and chamber musician. She pursued a doctorate in piano performance and investigated innovative ways to deepen pianists’ awareness of nuances in performers’ interpretations. Kathleen then went on to post-doctoral studies in neurophysiology and psychology at NYU. Her latest research study explored the effects of a shared heart intention among members of a string quartet on the musicians and audience members. The research was filmed and produced as a documentary, Intention: The Power of the Heart. In response to COVID-19, she created the Global Coherent Performers Community on Facebook, designed to bring performers and researchers together to understand and explore new innovative ways to communicate through music and affect the global field. In addition, Kathleen added several new platforms to her “toolkit” – that of show host on the Awake TV Network of Sounds of Coherence, for three seasons. She also convenes sessions for Ubiquity University Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit on the transformative effects of music and the arts on coherence and consciousness.
  • Daniel Bellone is a spiritual teacher and Mantra singer who has transformed the lives of thousands across the world sharing a unique musical concert experience called “Awakening Through Music” performed in more than 30 countries all over America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. His spiritual wisdom, insights about life and advanced knowledge in ancient yoga blends with soothing melodies and ancestral chants to help people deeply reflect about their lives discovering their inner truth, evoking the spirit and awakening the heart. As a spiritual leader, Daniel has been teaching “The Art of Happiness” for the last 15 years cultivating more than 20,000 students around the globe, expanding consciousness in subjects such as Self Awareness, Fulfillment, Love in Relationships, Awakening & Transformation, among many other subjects. Daniel is currently working on a unique project that merges the power of ancestral Sanskrit chants and modern tunes to delight the audience with and experience of “Music Beyond Entertainment”.
  • Amy Camie, CCM is a certified clinical musician, spiritual harpist, holistic research developer, speaker, recording artist, composer, author, and co-initiator of the ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery. She loves empowering and inspiring audiences through her programs on the healing power of music, vibrational resonance, conscious self-care, and the Life Lessons learned during her two journeys with breast cancer. For the past 25 years, Amy has been active in the sound healing community with several pilot studies indicating how her solo harp music increases brainwave function, supports the immune system and reduces pain, distress and anxiety levels. Amy's music is used throughout the country in hospitals, cancer centers and hospices as well as for general relaxation and stress reduction.
  • Ruth Cunningham is a founding member Anonymous 4 and a sound healing practitioner. She specializes in early music performance as well as improvisational sacred music from varied spiritual traditions in both liturgical and concert settings. She works with individuals and groups on using the voice and music as tools for healing.  With Anonymous 4, Ruth performed in concerts and festivals throughout the United States, Europe and the Far East and made thirteen recordings.  Ruth’s own CD releases are Light and Shadow: Chants, Prayers and Improvisations and Harpmodes: Journey for Voice and Harp. She has released two CDs of multi faith chants with colleague Ana Hernandez: Blessed by Light and HARC: Inside Chants. She has been the musician for a number of summer courses for Ubiquity University in Chartres France. She has also performed and recorded renaissance music with Pomerium and is a regular member of the choir at St James Episcopal Church in New York City.
  • David Eby, founding cellist for the internationally acclaimed band. Pink Martini, began his practice of meditation in 1996, completely shifting the focus of his life. Intrigued with the connection between music, meditation and consciousness, he spent 12 years directing and producing music at the Ananda Village, working directly with Swami Kriyananda. He recently shared about these experiences in his TEDx talk, “This Might Resonate with You”. David was recently featured in the Hollywood film, Finding Happiness, and continues to explore and share the connections between music and consciousness that become present in inspired performance. He currently teaches at Lewis and Clark College and has an active performing and lecturing career on the West Coast.
  • Frederick Johnson, Inayati Sufi Order Spiritual Elder, Director, Vocal Performer, Chanter, Author. Frederick is steeped in the West African inspired traditions of sacred Sound Healing. His fifty years of sacred service and teaching has enriched and transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people globally and established him as a leader in the sharing of the pathway of Sound and Healing.
  • Paul Luftenegger is an International Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter/Composer who writes conscious music to inspire and promote global love and kindness from within.  Paul’s focus is growing and nurturing self-worth within the listener.  Paul is a leader in his new genre of music he calls ‘Conscious Healing Music’ to empower the listener’s heart and soul to thrive. Paul has been invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City many times to speak and sing his conscious music for The International Day of Yoga, The International Day of Women, and The International Day of Peace.  In 2017 Paul helped 2000 people in need receive free hearing aids in Vietnam. Paul’s music is being used in classrooms to help children understand the importance of self-love and self-kindness.



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