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We (the Chat People) came into existence as the brainchild of Stanley Pokras, who offered audience members of Humanity Rising Sessions the opportunity to convene as an “afterparty” chat group. Our “afterparty” format has also been evolving. Now we are consistently joined by some, if not all, of the presenters who move from the “main stage” into our chat dialogue. We have morphed from an informal discussion group into an activist community undertaking several diverse projects. The Deep Dive sessions are about sharing the expertise in the group. They are workshops and seminars covering a diverse range of themes and ideas.

Chat Action Deep Dive Sessions in 2020-2022:

Date Session Name Presenter(s) Videos Resources Chats
14-Oct-2020 Meeting Jamen Shively Malini, Jamen, Shannon Stan JS Meeting Recording
21-Oct-2020 Introducing the Chatpeople to Jim Jim Garrison JG Chatpeople Recording Meet With Jim Chat
24-Oct-2020 Birds of A Feather Kathryn
31-Oct-2020 Kabbalistic philosophy around Tree of Life Sally Annett Sally's Recording The Kabbalah Society's Website
13.November 2020 U Theory Clinic Lesley Southwick-Trask Lesley's Recording Theory U Chat
5th December 2020 Decision Codex Lesley Southwick-Trask Lesley's Recording Decision Codex Chat
11 Dec 2020
12-December  2020 Shifting energies on the planet and the need to acivate Divine Heart Energy Malini Rajendran Malini's Recording
25 June 2021 Nancy C's Discussion about words Nancy from Pennsylvania Nancy's Recording
18 August 2021

Gentle Persuasion: An Allness Approach to Leading Leadership and Influencing Change

Franka Strietzel, Joy Gilfilen and Ian Lewis

(Stan Pokras facilitating)

Franka, Joy & Ian's Recording 18 Aug 2021 Chat
23 January, 2021 Values, Past Lives and Peace Kathryn Alexander, MA Kathryn's Recording Chat
27 February, 2021 Deep dive into Sqale - Pay It Forward David Pinto and the ChatAction team Gallery View (2 hours, 18 minutes David Pinto - Sqale - Pay It Forward
25 August 2021 80/20 Principals and the Holistic Design of Agro-Industrial Supply Systems Eli Kline and associates from Universal Foundation for Holistic Design (UFHD) Eli & UFHD's Gallery
Speaker View
25 Aug 2021 Chat
28 October 2021 PeaceLAB Planning Daniel, Kurt, Carolyn & Mariah (sp?) Speaker View

Audio Only

28 October Chat
23 June 2022 Our Heart Gardens @ World Unity Week Shannon, Charles, Stan, Jim & Heather Gallery View
8 October 2022 Deep dive on nonviolence following The Third Harmony film screeing Michael Nagler, Tom Eddington, Jim Garrison and the Afterchat gang Gallery View Humanity Rising Chat AfterChat Chat
10 December 2022 Shannon's Visit to England and Mt. Siani Shannon McArthur and dear friends Gallery View

Speaker View

The Chat
7 January 2023 Green Water Cools Jan 2023 Marcel de Berg, Rob de Laet and Pieter-Paul de Kluiver Gallery View The Chat
28 January 2023 Is democracy possible if corporations have the same rights as people? Greg Coleridge, Co-Director, Move To Amend Gallery View The Chat
18 February 2023 OtherNetworks Design and Categories Shannon, Katie, Leo, Carol Sue & Stan Gallery View 2023-02-18 Deep Dive Chat