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My mother and father named me Shannon Kathleen McArthur.

MOM, the Spirit of Mother Earth (aka Gaia) named me Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters; later renamed me SonLight Sparkling on the Waters.

Gaia’s guided me all my life and I’ve given my life to Her - I feel it’s only fair! She gave it to me…

Broken by a career pushing paper in City Hall and prescribed depression, I was lifted up by a year of sweat lodge and 3 years across the street from my Mom. Then I got on a plane for Paris and Rotterdam to join United Earth, activists working to change the world. A dream come true, it changed my life for good. A year later I came home to buy a van because I couldn’t imagine settling back into the old normal. I had to “be part of the change I wanted to see in the world”. It’s still true.

Our Planet, Gaia is alive! She gave me a promise of Peace and a Plan for the transformation of Human society. My purpose is to bring Gaia consciousness to people’s lives to help Her be heard in their hearts. She speaks to each of us individually! Her gifts mystify, uphold and inspire me – I write about them, speak about them, am moved by them. I want to move You, too, and inspire you to listen inside your heart to hear Her, and feel Her love.

Gaia's Plan is far-reaching and OhGs, the Vision makes my imagination soar…

I write stories about the Magic in Ordinary Moments that I call MOM (happens to everyone!) and POP, the Power of People…

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 197 - Thursday March 4 The Intersection of Spirituality, Reality and Intention
Day 253 Humanity Rising One Year Anniversary Celebration
Day 589 Thu 11/24/22 Building Bridges of Poetic Healing in a Burning World

Priestess of Gaia

  • I explore possibilities outside the box that I created from the walls of shoulds and should nots,
And the barriers of “they would judge me…”
-- From the Video: My Name, Who I am and What's My Job


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