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  • Tamsin is the author of TEEMING: How Superorganisms Work to Build Infinite Wealth in a Finite World, an Amazon Bestseller in Organizational Learning and Environmental Economics, as well as Ecology and Animal Behavior––testament to the lively ecotones biomimics inhabit.
  • Tamsin started as a biologist––studying plant form and function in California’s redwood-filled Santa Cruz mountains; backpacking the Hawaiian Islands; obsessing about sociobiology under legendary evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers; and working as a live-aboard marine mammal observer in the Bering Sea as the only woman on a crab boat with 25 fishermen. Her profits took her to the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands––where she immediately forgot her aversion to boats. She earned her doctorate in Biological Anthropology, working alternately in a genetics lab and a tent in the Ethiopian desert, obeying the whims of a motley assortment of hybridizing baboons. This was the longest running and most extensive genetic study of any wild primate for many years––a model for addressing questions around altruism and social cooperation, human speciation and gene introgression among our ancestors––and is still widely cited.

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 292 Thu 7/15 Biomimicry
Day 576 Mon 11/7/22 COP 27 I: Time for Teeming: Tamsin Woolley Barker on her book Teeming: How Nature’s Oldest Teams Adapt and Thrive
Day 577 Tue 11/8/22 COP 27 II: Inspiration from the White Lions: Linda Tucker on Saving the King of Beasts
Day 578 Wed 11/9/22 COP 27 III: Regenerative Agriculture as Key to Stopping Global Warming
Day 579 Thu 11/10/22 COP 27 IV: Vandana Shiva on Biopiracy, Biodiversity and Regenerative Ecology
Day 580 Fri 11/11/22 COP 27 V: Direct Action to stop Climate Change or is it time to simply Adapt to the Inevitable? — A Dialogue with Rupert Read of Extinction Rebellion
Day 582 Tue 11/15/22 COP VII: The Great Transformation
Day 583 Wed 11/16/22 COP VIII: Climate Disaster and where Industry is Leading the Way
Day 584 Thu 11/17/22 COP IX: Speed Shifting our Global Mindset in Response to Climate Disaster

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