Jon Ramer

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You'll never get to Spanish by speaking English

I'm a "network entrepreneur", social architect, whole systems designer and implementer of "Deep Social Networks" such as the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities. This network has over 500 compassionate cities initiatives around the world.

  • In 2012 we founded the Compassion Games International that adapts creatively to any community who wants to embrace and play them.
  • Since 2012, players of the Compassion Games have served over 18,000,000 people in 40 countries by more than 1,000,000 volunteer players. The Games have been played between cities, businesses, faith and interfaith organizations, tribes, schools, and even prisons. The Compassion Games make communities safer, kinder, more just, inclusive and better places to live, work and play.

Specialties: Coaching individuals, small groups, and leaders of large-scale collaborations that cross-sectors and are multi-stakeholder partnerships. I have a wealth of experience with designing and developing advanced technologies that extend and enhance individual and collective performance and social impact.

Participation On Humanity Rising

Day 032 UN Unity Week
Day 039 Scaffolding: Helping To Support A New Paradigm In Its Becoming
Day 156 - Wednesday December 9, 2020 Reviewing the Year with Partners who helped start Humanity Rising
Day 253 Humanity Rising One Year Anniversary Celebration
Day 351 Mon 11/01/21 Global Regeneration Summit Day 1: What is at Stake for COP 26
Day 545 Fri 9/23/22 Humanity Rising Network & Banafsheh Sayyad on Iran
Day 656 Mon 3/20/23 Humanity Rising Network - Communications Reimagined
Day 802 Mon 11/13/23 AI Literacy Summit: Pandora’s Box, Panacea or Catalyst for Human Evolution?
Day 828 Mon 1/8/24 Starting 2024: Looking forward to the Summer Solstice in Light of Kogi Prophecy

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