HR!Day584 - COP IX: Speed Shifting our Global Mindset in Response to Climate Disaster

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As the world has witnessed with COVID-19 over the past several years, the human brain struggles to understand exponential growth. We’re quite capable of dealing with linear growth but COVID-19 and Climate Disaster have shown us that the natural world can work in a manner beyond human capabilities. If we are going to continue to survive, and in a manner to which we are accustomed, we need to learn to “speed shift” and think about seven generations.

Speed Shifting Systems of Understanding



  • Sara Moncada, M.A., is a Native American (Yaqui) educator, dancer, filmmaker, author and cultural arts advocate. She is CEO of The Cultural Conservancy, a native-led non-profit working in Indigenous rights and revitalization projects, is co-founder of Wise Women Circles, a women-owned media company, and is co-director of Sewam American Indian Dance, a Bay Area-based cultural arts and education organization. She presents internationally on Native American arts and culture and is co-author “The Dance of Caring”, a book exploring Native American Hoop Dance as a model for wellness. She is producer of the internationally successful documentary film “NURSES If Florence Could See Us Now” and the upcoming film project “Finding Compás”; and is executive producer of The Cultural Conservancy’s “The Native Seed Pod”, a podcast series that explores and celebrates traditional lands, seeds, Native Foodways and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.
  • Marilee Adams, Ph.D, is an award-winning author and pioneer in the fields of inquiry-based coaching, leadership, and organizational culture. She is CEO/Founder of the Inquiry Institute, a consultant for organizations large and small, an affiliate instructor for Weatherhead Executive Education at Case Western Reserve University and for 10 years was an Adjunct Professor of Leadership in the School of Public Affairs at American University. Dr. Adams is the best-selling author of “Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching, and Results” (4 th edition) and the Change Your Questions, Change Your Life Workbook as well as The Art of the Question and Teaching that Changes Lives. Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, a quick-read business and relationship fable, is an international bestseller and a standard part of the curriculum in many coach training and leadership development programs. It is also widely used for team and organizational change.
  • Eddie Hart is one of the most prolific track and field athletes that has ever graced a track. Eddie won the 1972 Olympic Trial in a World Record breaking time of 9.70 seconds in the 100M which was rounded to 9.9.(equaling the existing World Record). The #1 US Sprinter missed his premier race (100M) due to a schedule mishap during the Olympic Games. Although this was a very painful experience, Eddie found the resolve to continue with his Olympic competition and went on to win an Olympic Gold Medal and break the existing World Record in the 4X100M Relay. Having reached his goals and dreams, he believed it was time for him to help the youth to develop and attain their goals and dreams. That’s why he felt compelled to start the Eddie Hart All In One Foundation, so he could use his name, influence, relationships and resources to make a positive difference in the lives of youth he serves. Eddie is now dedicated to help motivate youth to become vital members of society.
  • Marilyn King is a two-time Olympic Pentathlete, Exceptional Human Performance expert, Peace enthusiast, Founder of Way Beyond Sports and the Peace Team, a global systemic change initiative. Following a serious car accident in 1979 Marilyn was unable to train for the 1980 Olympic Games so she used visualization and mental rehearsal to prepare herself for competition through the extraordinary power of her mind. She finished second in the Olympic trials for her third Olympic Team without physical training. This experience and knowledge set her on a 35 year career as an expert in exceptional human performance where she has taught Olympian Thinking from the classroom to the Board Room. Marilyn has used this experience, combined with participation in an international Think Tank on the role of business in peace building, to do her most pioneering work using the prestige of Olympians around the world and her experience to Found the Olympian Peace Team and to collaborate with the United Nations to promote peace in the world.
  • Diptesh Pandey & Sue HR Day 584.png
    Diptesh Pandey

Humanity Rising’s COP 27 Program is co-sponsored by:

  • Facing Future TV,a YouTube channel and web site platform that covers climate issues and does interviews with scientists, thought leaders, activists and policymakers to raise awareness and activism about addressing the climate crisis. Representing Facing Future TV each day from Sharm El Sheikh will be Raya Salter, an attorney, consultant, educator and clean energy law and policy expert with a focus on energy and climate justice. She is the founder of the Energy Justice Law and Policy Center and a member of the New York State Climate Action Council, the body that is developing the plan to implement the nation's leading climate law, the 2019 Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, the state origin of the Federal "Justice40" environmental justice initiative.
  • OzGREEN(Global Rivers Environmental Education Network Australia Inc) is an independent not-for-profit that operates nationally in Australia and overseas in South Asia, South-East Asia & Pacific, Latin America and East Timor. Established in 1992, OzGREEN’s unique approach incorporates citizen science, transformative sustainability leadership and community development, enabling people to innovate sustainability solutions themselves. OzGREEN programs have directly involved over 1 million people from over 1600 communities in Australia, Africa, India, Pakistan, Nepal, SE Asia, Papua New Guinea, Europe, Middle East, East Timor, USA, Canada and Central America.
  • Sue Lennox, along with her late husband Colin, has been the driving force behind OzGREEN since its inception in 1992. She is a social entrepreneur (winner Social Ventures Australia Big Boost 2002) and a former high school science teacher. Sue is a grandmother, an avid gardener and lives a simple life, “off the grid” with her extended family. Sue was named as one of the Most Influential People in Sydney in 2007 and 2020 NSW Senior Australian of the Year. OzGREEN’s work has been acknowledged by the Eureka Prize, Banksia Awards, UNAA Media Peace Awards, UNESCO, Buckminster Fuller Catalyst program, and is a Best Practice Case Study for the Australian Association for Environmental Education (NSW). Sue will introduce the youth representatives each day.
  • Youth Leading the World (YLTW)is a transformative sustainability leadership program that enables young people to find their voice and become active participants in creating fairer futures. Youth leadership, social innovation and community driven change are key. OzGREEN trains local people to run YLTW in their own region. Through YLTW, OzGREEN is openly sharing the skills and experience we gained over 30 years of delivering of recognized excellence in transformative sustainability leadership programs. Representatives of thee youth groups will report in each day.

Co-Moderator with Jim Garrison 77 Participants

  • Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker is an evolutionary anthropologist known for her original research on primate social structure and evolution, and the author of TEEMING: How Nature’s Oldest Teams Adapt and Thrive, regarded as the definitive work on Organizational Biomimicry. Her efforts are focused on rehumanizing organizations that support community revitalization for bioregional regeneration and restoration. Her company TEEMLab provides education, consulting, and speaking in support of this aim. She is also the Dean of Geoversity’s School of Biocultural Leadership in Panama and Director and Founder of the Borrego Institute for Living Design (the BILD) in Borrego Springs, California, where she offers experiential immersions and living systems thinking and design.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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