Marilyn King

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Marilyn King is a two-time Olympic Pentathlete, Exceptional Human Performance expert, Peace enthusiast, Founder of Way Beyond Sports and the Peace Team, a global systemic change initiative. Following a serious car accident in 1979 Marilyn was unable to train for the 1980 Olympic Games so she used visualization and mental rehearsal to prepare herself for competition through the extraordinary power of her mind. She finished second in the Olympic trials for her third Olympic Team without physical training. This experience and knowledge set her on a 35-year career as an expert in exceptional human performance where she has taught Olympian Thinking from the classroom to the Board Room. Marilyn has used this experience, combined with participation in an international Think Tank on the role of business in peacebuilding, to do her most pioneering work using the prestige of Olympians around the world and her experience to Found the Olympian Peace Team and to collaborate with the United Nations to promote peace in the world.

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 476 Fri 5/13/22 Endangered V: Personal Perspectives on Biodiversity Loss and Regeneration
Day 554 Thu 10/6/22 Nonviolence: Our Bridge to the Future
Day 584 Thu 11/17/22 COP IX: Speed Shifting our Global Mindset in Response to Climate Disaster