Jean Houston

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Jean Houston & Rafe Pearlman Click to see them sing...

The times of great change and remarkable opportunity are upon us.

  • To succeed we can no longer go it alone, but must partner with one another to share innovative and creative ways in which to rethink and restructure our individual existence within the context of our expanding global communities.
  • To do this requires a heightened awareness, an awakened sense of purpose, and a dedicated commitment to actively seek out the possible.


Participation On Humanity Rising

Day038 Dialogue With Jean Houston
Day084 Our Moment Of Choice
Day138 Breakthroughs in Physics and Cosmology and the Rise of a New Story for Humanity
Day 303 Fri 7/28 The Rise of the Future Humans
Day 371 Thu 11/25/21 Celebrating Anne Baring at 90 - Awakening to a New Story: The Evolutionary Imperative of Our Time
Day 372 Fri 11/26/21 Cosmic Ecology~Emergent Audacity, How Cosmos Shapes the Symphonies of Life
Day 426 Fri 3/4/22 Healing the Shadow Wounds through the Wisdom of the Higher Heart
Day 798 Tue 11/7/23 Conscious Leadership II - Discover Your Superpowers: The Departure

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