HR!Day848 - Mon 2/5/24 The Call for AI Policy. Is Anyone Listening?

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Day 848 Mon 2/5/24 The Call for AI Policy. Is Anyone Listening?

--- Humanity Rising Day 848 - Monday February 5, 2024      (GoTo Bottom)
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This Week: AI Policy Feb 2024


Anyone Listening?




Ethical AI


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“Big technology companies have spent the last year shouting about how new forms of artificial intelligence will transform their businesses. Billions of dollars in investments, numerous chatbots and promises to embed generative AI into products have captivated investors and driven some tech stocks to record highs. But a year into the AI boom, tech companies have yet to show how the hype translates into profits.” Jackie Davalos, Bloomberg Tech Daily

Monday February 5 “The Call for AI Policy. Is Anyone Listening?”

Technology companies are spending billions of dollars on artificial intelligence with little tangible evidence that their financial bets are paying off. At the same time, governments, national intelligence and defense agencies are pursuing AI. There is increased AI policy “window dressing”coming from the political centers of power. But, we’re not seeing substantive evidence that meaningful policy is being developed.

A year ago, the social media platforms were laying off Staff, backing away from their commitments to moderate content and reneging on their trust and safety protocols. These are the same industry players driving AI development.

What can we reasonably expect?

Panelist: Michael Putz

Michael drives growth through disruptive innovation and business transformation. He has played a key role in the creation of multiple multi-billion dollar businesses as a product manager, strategic alliance leader, strategist, business development executive and advisor to senior executives at major corporations such as Cisco and many startups. As a co-founder with Ken Wilber of the Integral Institute of Business and Leadership, Michael has been a pioneer in exploring the intersection of business and spirituality, with a current focus on AI, levels of development, consciousness, and ethics.

Moderators: Georg Boch, Tom Eddington

Convener: Jim Garrison

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