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  • Tom Eddington CEO, ENDANGERED is one of Silicon Valley’s most renowned business advisors and coaches, working with some of the nation’s most influential CEOs and non-profit leaders, advising them on everything from global mergers and organizational change to conscious leadership and work/life integration. He also has launched a number of biodiversity programs including his latest – Endangered with seeks to raise millions of dollars to help rescue 12 endangered species on the edge of extinction. Producer of the film The Third Harmony

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 407 Mon 2/07/22 ENDANGERED - The Sixth Mass Extinction
Day 408 Tue 2/08/22 ENDANGERED II - One million species
Day 409 Wed 2/09/22 ENDANGERED III - Planet Earth
Day 410 Thu 2/10/22 ENDANGERED IV - Humanity and the “Age of the Great Forgetting”
Day 411 Fri 2/11/22 ENDANGERED V - What’s Next?

More Endangered

Day 465 Thu 4/28/22 Part IV: Personal Perspectives On The Challenge Facing Our Democracy
Day 472 Mon 5/9/22 Endangered I: Ecocide: We are Killing Our Home
Day 473 Tue 5/10/22 Endangered II: The Death Economy and the Tyranny of our Global Systems and Institutions
Day 474 Wed 5/11/22 Endangered III: Creating the Future We Want
Day 475 Thu 5/12/22 Endangered IV: Biodiversity Loss and Revitalization on the Ground
Day 476 Fri 5/13/22 Endangered V: Personal Perspectives on Biodiversity Loss and Regeneration

Youth Mental Health

Day 492 Mon 6/6/22 Day I: The State of Global Youth Mental Health
Day 493 Tue 6/7/22 Day II: Belonging and Community-Creating a Safe Space
Day 494 Wed 6/8/22 Day III: Gender in Question
Day 495 Thu 6/9/22 Day IV: Environmental Anxiety-the Environment and Youth Mental Health
Day 496 Fri 6/10/22 Day V: Parenting and Youth Mental Health
Day 497 Mon 6/13/22 Day VI Strings of Hope: Bringing Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Out of the Darkness

Leadership Required

Day 498 Tue 6/14/22 Day I: The State of the World and the Leadership Required
Day 499 Wed 6/15/22 Day II: Conscious Leadership to the Rescue?
Day 500 Thu 6/16/22 Day III: Business is Driving the World’s Agenda - Where is it taking us?


Day 546 Mon 9/26/22 What is Non Violence and Where does it Derive Power
Day 547 Tue 9/27/22 The Legacy-Jesus, Gandhi and King - Nonviolence Through the Ages
Day 548 Wed 9/28/22 What’s Peace Got To Do With It? -The True Nature of Humanity, Nonviolence and Peace
Day 549 Thu 9/29/22 The Old Story of Humanity and Its Impact on the World
Day 550 Fri 9/30/22 The New Story of Humanity: its Meaning and Significance
Day 551 Mon 10/3/22 The Big Surprise About Polarization -- And What It Means For Activists
Day 552 Tue 10/4/22 Nonviolence-The Encouraging Signs
Day 553 Wed 10/5/22 Nonviolence in Action-Theories and Examples
Day 554 Thu 10/6/22 Nonviolence: Our Bridge to the Future
Day 555 Fri 10/7/22 Key Take-aways: A Non Violence Dialogue
Day 582 Tue 11/15/22 COP VII: The Great Transformation
Day 583 Wed 11/16/22 COP VIII: Climate Disaster and where Industry is Leading the Way
Day 584 Thu 11/17/22 COP IX: Speed Shifting our Global Mindset in Response to Climate Disaster
Day 596 Mon 12/05/22 Technologies of Hope I: Climate Restoration
Day 597 Tue 12/06/22 Technologies of Hope II – Human Wellness
Day 598 Wed 12/07/22 Technologies of Hope III: Conscious Technology
Day 599 Thu 12/08/22 Technologies of Hope IV: Solving Societal & Planetary Issues
Day 600 Fri 12/09/22 Technologies of Hope V: Natural Concrete - Changing The Way Roads & Highways Are Built
Day 616 Mon 1/23/23 How Did We Get Here? When science meets industry –The History of Glyphosate
Day 617 Tue 1/24/23 Glyphosate: What science is telling us and why it matters
Day 618 Wed 1/25/23 Glyphosate: Legal Success: USD $10 + Billion Lawsuit Victory against Bayer / Monsanto
Day 619 Thu 1/26/23 Glyphosate: How New Policies Can Limit Glyphosate Use: Dialogue with Dr. Zach Bush
Day 620 Fri 1/27/23 Glyphosate: Eliminating Poisons from our Environment
Day 651 Mon 3/13/23 ENDANGERED Humanity I: Celebrating Action
Day 652 Tue 3/14/23 ENDANGERED Humanity II: Celebrating Action
Day 656 Mon 3/20/23 Humanity Rising Network - Communications Reimagined
Day 664 Thu 3/30/23 Democracy and Governance III: Are We Going To Wake Up In Time?
HR!Day667 - Women’s History of Changing the World I: Bearing Witness to America’s Civil Rights History: A Personal Journey - Janis Faye Kearney & Shadia Alvarez
Day 668 Tue 4/4/23 Women’s History of Changing the World II: Spiritual Mentorship: Coretta Scott King, Daisy Bates and Maya Angelou
Day 669 Wed 4/5/23 Women’s History of Changing the World III: Poetry in Motion
Day 670 Thu 4/6/23 Women’s History of Changing the World IV: I am Who I am because I am a Black Woman
Day 671 Fri 4/7/23 Women’s History of Changing the World V: Wise Talk Wise Women

Technologies of Hope 2023

Day 712 Mon 6/5/23 The Technologies of Hope I: Safer Made
Day 713 Tue 6/6/23 The Technologies of Hope II: The Innovation Marketplace
Day 714 Wed 6/7/23 Technologies of Hope III: Building Materials, Biocyler & Intellisynthesis
Day 715 Thu 6/8/23 Technologies of Hope IV: Autism
Day 716 Fri 6/9/23 Technologies of Hope V: Healing Technologies

AI Alignment

Day 722 Mon 6/19/23 Al Alignment Summit Day 1: Unpacking the term "alignment"
Day 723 Tue 6/20/23 Al Alignment Summit Day 2: In search for an ethical and compassionate Al
Day 724 Wed 6/21/23 Al Alignment Summit Day 3: Aligned Al use- cases in Education
Day 725 Thu 6/22/23 Al Alignment Summit Day 4: Alignment in Social Media
Day 726 Fri 6/23/23 Al Alignment Summit Day 5: Al Industry self-regulation and guardrails in practice


Day 741 Fri 7/14/23 Women Peacemakers: The Hidden Side of Peacemaking: How to make war irrelevant.
Day 742 Mon 7/17/23 Values development in Europe in the context of the Russian invasion into Ukraine
Day 743 Tue 7/18/23 Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity: the Rocky Road to Democracy
Day 744 Wed 7/19/23 Lasting peace in Europe: what is necessary and what is possible?
Day 745 Thu 7/20/23 MycoHab - Food and Housing from Waste Resources
Day 746 Fri 7/21/23 The Power of the Pilgrimage
Day 763 Wed 9/20/23 The Pioneer Village Story and Unity Frequency

Compassion 2.0 2023

Day 777 Mon 10/09/23 Compassion 2.0 What is Compassion 2.0 and How to Measure Flourishing?
Day 778 Tue 10/10/23 Compassion 2.0 Compassion, Politics and the Common Good
Day 779 Wed 10/11/23 Compassion 2.0 Architected Compassionate Human Experiences
Day 780 Thu 10/12/23 Compassion 2.0 Compassion, Capitalism and the Sustainable Development Goals
Day 781 Fri 10/13/23 Compassion 2.0 The Neuroscience of Compassion & Prosociality


Day 797 Mon 11/6/23 Conscious Leadership I - Discover Your Superpowers
Day 798 Tue 11/7/23 Conscious Leadership II - Discover Your Superpowers: The Departure
Day 799 Wed 11/8/23 Conscious Leadership III - Discover Your Superpowers: The Initiation
Day 800 Thu 11/9/23 Conscious Leadership IV - Discover Your Superpowers: The Return
Day 801 Fri 11/10/23 Conscious Leadership V - The Being of a Conscious Leader

Artificial Intelligence

Day 802 Mon 11/13/23 AI Literacy Summit: Pandora’s Box, Panacea or Catalyst for Human Evolution?
Day 803 Tue 11/14/23 AI Literacy Summit - Understanding the Open vs Closed Source AI Debate
Day 804 Wed 11/15/23 AI Literacy Summit - Mitigating the Neo-Colonial Power-Dynamics of LLMs
Day 805 Thu 11/16/23 AI Literacy Summit: Gaining Cognitive Clarity with AI Today
Day 806 Fri 11/17/23 AI Literacy: The Convergence of Homo & Silicon Sapiens

More Artificial Intelligence

Day 848 Mon 2/5/24 The Call for AI Policy. Is Anyone Listening?
Day 849 Tue 2/6/24 Are AI Guardrails Possible at this Late Date?
Day 850 Wed 2/7/24 Is Ethical AI Possible in the Capitalistic System?
Day 851 Thu 2/8/24 AI Policy Summit: Building Compassion into AI
Day 852 Fri 2/9/24 Parenting in an AI World

Modern Flourishing

Day 854 Tue 2/13/24 Modern Flourishing II: Science and Flourishing
Day 855 Wed 2/14/24 Modern Flourishing III: Pro-social Teaming: Humanity based Organizations
Day 856 Thu 2/15/24 Modern Flourishing IV: Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Framework
Day 857 Fri 2/16/24 Modern Flourishing V: Flourishing for the Individual

Spirituality and Conscious Leadership

Day 868 Mon 3/4/24 Spirituality and Regenerative Living
Day 869 Tue 3/5/24 Awakening Our Spiritual Core
Day 870 Wed 3/6/24 Inner Peace and Well-Being
Day 871 Thu 3/7/24 Interconnectedness and Unity
Day 872 Fri 3/8/24 Future of Spiritual Evolution

Technology of Hope

Day 888 Mon 4/1/24 Day 1: The Role of Creativity in the 21st Century
Day 889 Tue 4/2/24 Day 2: The Promise of Healthcare Technology
Day 890 Wed 4/3/24 Day 3: Music & Sound as Tools for Creativity & Healing
Day 891 Thu 4/4/24 Day 4: The Future of Storytelling

Soil and Microbiom

Day 914 Tue 5/7/24 The Hidden World Around Us

Institute for Advanced Consciousness Studies

Day 933 Mon 6/3/24 Institute for Advanced Consciousness Studies (IACS) Day 1 Introduction to the Lab, and review of the Emulating Entheogens
Day 934 Tue 6/4/24 IACS II: Toward a Multiscale Account of Trust
Day 935 Wed 6/5/24 Aesthetic Chills and Empathic AI
Day 936 Thu 6/6/24 Qualia Compass & Neuromodulatory Induction of Meditative States
Day 937 Fri 6/7/24 The importance of the Independent Science Lab & future research projects

Meaning Crisis and the Future of God

Day 938 Mon 6/10/24 The Meaning Crisis and the Future of God
Day 939 Tue 6/11/24 WeSpace - Making God Accessible through Innovations in Participatory Mystical Practice - Luke Healy
Day 940 Wed 6/12/24 Christian Minister’s Response to the Meaning Crisis
Day 941 Thu 6/13/24 Knowing our Place in the Field of Love
Day 942 Fri 6/14/24 Interfaith perspective on the Future of God