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Lesley Southwick-Trask is a cultural anthropologist specializing in global transformation. As a strategist, Lesley has led large-scale transformational initiatives in over 500 organizations and communities where she has integrated the evolutionary sciences with U Theory to create breakthrough pathways for regeneration.  She is currently the Chief Development Officer with Ubiquity University as the enterprise evolves into a network orchestrator for global regeneration. Lesley is the co-chair of HR Women's Summit: Girl Driven Solutions; is co-leading Global Regeneration Corps, and launching the latest innovation in network mapping, The GRC HIVE. Lesley is most comfortable in the intersections where innovation is birthed out of the collision between pain and hope.


  • I have always been a seeker of "the next thing". I don't mean the next fad - but the next stage of development /evolution that we, as humans, are meant to uncover. This pursuit has taken me to the edge of my profession for 30+ years with 500+ organizations & communities. For 8 years, I found myself pursuing this burning desire in a place (Portugal) and in a way (as an active sponsor of those walking the Camino de Santiago) that I would never have imagined. The time has come to once again reinvent my next chapter. For this, I am living in Calgary, Alberta. I am in the depths of finishing 2 books, launching a new cooperative board game as well as SYNAP - an innovative decision making tool /process.

As an anthropologist, I will continue to bring my professional lens to all that I experience. I will continue to document my discoveries through print, social media and film.

I know that I am on the right path to uncover elements of where and how our society is capable of securing a sustainable footing. My research background in all sectors has allowed me the privilege of "knowing" what I am looking for.

My pursuit is for my children - who I believe must inherit more that we have to currently offer.

Geometry Of The Universe

Transforming Organizations In Real Time

I am a student, mentor, researcher, coach, advisor and broadcaster in the world of transformation.

  • We are dedicated to changing our world one decision at a time.
  • We explore the why, what, when, and where and how you make the choices that affect your life.
  • We will work with your family, your organization, your community and our society.
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Lesley Southwick Trask, one of the conveners of Humanity Rising’s Chat Action Group which has organized the After Session Chats and is now organizing a Peace Week for Humanity Rising March 1-5. Lesley has a deep commitment to peace borne to a significant degree from her experience walking the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage across northern Spain. Known as the ‘Way of St. James,’ the pilgrimage route has existed since Medieval times.

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