Melina Angel

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  • Melina Angel, starting her professional path in theoretical and evolutionary biology with a systemic and cognitive view of living systems, Melina understood evolution in complex contexts of community.
  • With a master degree on biomimicry and as a Biomimicry Professional, she has been asking nature about regeneration and evolution at different scales, from individuals to ecosystems, to be applied on human systems. She is deeply engaged in the Regeneration of the planet and the evolution of humans so she leverage projects in Systemic Regeneration as Colombia Regenerativa of the Regenerative Communities Network and participatory ecological restoration.
  • She is co-creator and teacher at a master’s degree of sustainable living systems, and consults for private, public and civil organizations. She is part of the BSoul, IPBES and ISO for biomimetics. Melina will be leading other digital conversations around Biomimicry & Finance with the Regenerative Communities Network few days before HR.
  • Participation on Humanity Rising

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