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Mental Health in a Time of COVID

--- Humanity Rising Day 267 - Thursday June 10, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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Convened by Lars Münter of the Nordic Health 2030 Movement and David Somekh of the European Health Futures Forum

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Mental Health is a major issue for the world as we traverse the pandemic. How we deal with it will have a significant effect on future health and wellbeing. In this session, we connect experts on understanding mental health and how we can work together to enhance human well being. The pandemic has radically changed the landscape and nature of dialogue about the issue, but are we any closer to understanding and agreeing what we mean when we talk about mental health.

Never since the last World War in Europe (and elsewhere in the world) have so many seen such a radical day-to-day shift in their daily routine, been exposed to extreme levels of stress, anxiety and more - and yet it still seems we fail to grasp how we can actually improve our mental stamina. Can we change this dynamic?

And likewise - while everyone's busy talking about the virtues of mental health, our mental health institutions and hospitals are experiencing the same financing problems as ever, the same stigma, and the same lack of research. Can’t we change this old narrative?

Mental health and mental illness represent a distinct spectrum, with sometimes arbitrary cut-offs between one and the other. Prejudice, fear and misunderstanding permeates this aspect of our health in quite a unique way. Can we challenge the model towards  better care for both the pathologically mentally ill  and those with completely normal but still life-affecting mental problems, in the latter case, granting mental health the same status and attention that we now give to looking after and trying to maintain our physical health?


Convened by Lars Münter of the Nordic Health 2030 Movement and David Somekh of the European Health Futures Forum



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