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Shapeshifting and Identity: A Dialogue at the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality

--- Humanity Rising Day 251 - Wednesday May 19, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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Hosted by the NextGen team, we will hear from a global cadre of scholars, activists, and practitioners on the fluidity and transformation of modern identities and their affect on our relationships with ourselves and one another. Coming from South Africa, Lebanon, the United Kingdon, and beyond, we'll hear a variety of different perspectives, research, case studies and frameworks that will help us better understand and integrate a new approach to personal identify.


  • Mx Aneeqa Abrahams is a developing intersectional feminist with a strong interest in bridging the gaps of psychology with the use of intersectionality. Aneeqa graduated from the University of the Western Cape in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Psychology, Gender Studies and Sociology, and completed her Honours Degree Psychology in 2018. Aneeqa is in the process of obtaining her Master’s Degree in research with the Gender Studies department and integrated aspects of psychology into her research in order to holistically understand the experiences of people of colour in the contemporary world. Aneeqa is a volunteer trauma counsellor at her local SAPS station and at a rehabilitation centre in an under-resourced area. For the past three years, Aneeqa has been involved in the SD’s National Mentorship Programme and serves as a mentor and senior moderator in 2021. In addition, she is the Western Cape Regional Representative and also participates in the Community Development subcommittee in the Western Cape. Her presentation, entitled “Die manskap”: The intersections of masculinity, class and coloured identities among young men in Cape town, explores how young ‘coloured’ men navigate their social world as raced, gendered, and classed individuals in Western Cape, Cape Town. The study will examine the intersections of their lived experiences of these young men in terms of their understanding of masculinity, heterosexuality ‘colouredness’, violence and class. The research study used a qualitative feminist methodology and analysed data through an intersectional lens while using the photovoice method to gather data. The study consisted of 7 young men who all self-identified as male, heterosexual and self-identify as ‘coloured’, aged between 17-19 at the time of data collection. Furthermore, the study allows participants the opportunity to present their (lived) realities within this positionality. It hopes to provide an in-depth understanding and representation of ‘coloured’ identities and masculinity in the contemporary.
  • Safa Boga, RCST BSc Hons, is the Founder of Kimiya Healing. She is a Healer, Womb Alchemist, Mystic Trauma Therapist, and Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner. Safa accessed energy alchemy work through her own healing journey which included everything from psychotherapy, bodywork, shamanic healing, and extensive work with plant medicines and psychedelics. She is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, trauma healer, womb alchemist, and mystic based in London and working globally. After healing her own feminine expression and through various initiations she embodied the womb as a nondual void and answered her calling to align with her own name - SAFA means purity of the void. Since then, Safa has rebirthed over 400 people in Womb Room™, a radical 10-day journey that heals pre-personal imprints, in utero shock, and birth trauma and supports a rebirthing of the energetic field into a higher frequency of consciousness. Participants describe the changes they experience as, 'surreal, beyond psychedelics, life changing'. Shapeshifting as an alchemical healing practice emerged during inner initiations which Safa describes as 'divine deconstruction'. She mostly uses this technique in global group healing events which are attended by people (and now entire families) from around the world. Safa's practice, 'Kimiya Healing' (Al-Kimiya - Alchemy) supports radical transformations of chronic trauma and medical conditions. Clients describe Safa as 'a cosmic pioneer, a healer with immense ability, a gift from the universe'. This year Safa birthed the School of Healing Alchemy to take people deeper into sacred alchemical practices. Her presentation, entitled Shape-Shifting and Healing Alchemy, will address the transmutation of density to light through the embodiment of ever deeper stillness, i.e. the zero point/void and mastering of movement of inner energetics through multiple dimensions. Her specific addresses shapeshifting as an energy healer and how it pertains to identity and creation.
  • Tarek E. Zeidan (pronouns: he/him/his), is a sexual and bodily rights activist from Lebanon advocating for the rights and protections of LGBT communities in the MENA region as the executive director of Helem, the first LGBT rights organization in the Arab World. Tarek is an Ashoka Foundation global changemaker fellow, a Ford Foundation global fellow, and an ELI fellow at the Harvard Center for Public Leadership. He is a specialist in international human rights law and advocacy, adaptive leadership, public policy, and strategic communications and planning. Tarek has previously worked as the director of communications and director of strategic planning for the MENA region at both the Brookings Institution and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He obtained his BA from the American University of Beirut, his MA in security studies and international relations from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, and his MA in human rights advocacy and law from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He currently lives in Beirut.
  • Judith Anderson is a Jungian psychotherapist with a background in mental health. She has also trained in and taught the integration of energy medicine techniques into psychotherapy. The combined climate change, biodiversity and environmental crisis has been a focus for over 15 years and she now is Chair of The Climate Psychology Alliance, which formed over 9 years ago. Her presentation, entitled Radical shape-shifting identities and the climate crisis, will address the changes we are called to make in the way we live our lives practically, psychologically and spiritually, giving grounded reasons for these.



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