HR!Day208 - An Alternative View on the Pandemic and Vaccines with Gary Null, PhD

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Humanity Rising Day 208   –   Friday March 19, 2021

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In this session, Jim Garrison will dialogue with Gary Null, PhD, scientist and acclaimed documentary film maker who over the past several decades has established himself as a beacon of integrity and clarity on a range of issues pertaining to human and ecological health and well being.

An internationally renowned expert in the field of health and nutrition, Dr. Null is the author of over 70 best-selling books on healthy living and the director of over 100 critically acclaimed full-feature documentary films on natural health, self-empowerment and the environment. He is the host of ‘The Progressive Commentary Hour” and “The Gary Null Show”, the country’s longest running nationally syndicated health radio talk show which can be heard daily on here on the Progressive Radio Network.

Throughout his career, Gary has made hundreds of radio and television broadcasts throughout the country as an environmentalist, consumer advocate, investigative reporter and nutrition educator. More than 28 different Gary Null television specials have appeared on PBS stations throughout the nation, inspiring and motivating millions of viewers. He originated and completed more than one hundred major investigations on health issues resulting in the use of material by 20/20 and 60 Minutes. Dr. Null started this network to provide his followers with a media outlet for health and advocacy.

For more of Dr. Null’s Work visit the Gary Null’s Work Section or Blog at In addition to the Progressive Radio Network, Dr. Null has a full line of all-natural home and healthcare products that can be purchased at his Online Store.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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