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Humanity Rising Day 274 After Chat   –   Monday June 21, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 274:

aka ChatPeople Chat

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00:04:20    Kurt Krueger,    I’m here to serve, as a global citizen serving a regenerative society and life on our planet; founded the Peace Lab; a polymath, philosopher, explorer, alchemist for love, and pragmatic futurist. Since the 70s, I have led programs on 5 continents for elite athletes/coaches and educational institutions; has taught in the ghettos of Los Angeles for 40+ years and was on a hijacked airplane, which all led to his offering of stress management programs at the UN and Oxford U. Medical School. I’ve helped present or promote the Alliance/Drawdown programs and have written the Best-Selling series, Winning Ways for Living. Producer of numerous Peace Lab programs for the Humanity Rising: Global Solutions Summit (over 250 in a years time). Kurt Krueger, 1+818-399-0771.,, please contribute your wisdom

00:07:51    🦄💖SEB💖🦄:    Howdy

Seb here from Canada.

I am running a global outreach operation to save the world through utopianism financed with negative interest loans.

I’m also after the Nobel Peace Prize.

Can You Help With World-Saving Socio-Economic Development?

More information:

Thank you for your time, good luck, God bless and godspeed.  


Transit:               02391

A#:                      504-196-7

BID:                     003

00:09:18    Judy Hanmer:    I wouldn't have fancied Moore's Utopia!  He had very strong views about what people should believe.

00:10:07    Judy Hanmer:    Sorry I have to go to another meeting.  Was hoping for more about dialogue.

00:11:43    🦄💖SEB💖🦄:    ::

00:11:49    Stanley Pokras:    Mushin, Love your beard!

00:15:06    🦄💖SEB💖🦄:    I have another meeting. I will come back if there is time. Love y'all and take your vitamins.

00:16:28    Stanley Pokras:    Hello, Carolyn…

00:16:30    Kurt Krueger,    I have AdAm Schiff’s office on the board/.

00:16:50    Kurt Krueger,    Your on mute

00:18:55    Leo Jacoby:    ::

May 5, 2017

A quote from Pope Francis:

"If there is one word that we should never tire of repeating, it is this: dialogue. We are called to promote a culture of dialogue by every possible means and thus to rebuild the fabric of society. The culture of dialogue entails a true apprenticeship and a discipline that enables us to view others as valid dialogue partners, to respect the foreigner, the immigrant and people from different cultures as worthy of being listened to. Today we urgently need to engage all the members of society in building 'a culture which privileges dialogue as a form of encounter' and in creating 'a means for building consensus and agreement while seeking the goal of a just, responsive and inclusive society'. Peace will be lasting in the measure that we arm our children with the weapons of dialogue, that we teach them to fight the good fight of encounter and negotiation. In this way, we will bequeath to them a

00:20:00    Leo Jacoby:    ...bequeath to them a culture capable of devising strategies of life, not death, and of inclusion, not exclusion.”

-- Address upon receiving the Charlemagne Prize, May 6, 2016

00:20:16    Susan Taylor:    I so appreciate this, Leo. Thank you! WOW...

00:20:46    Leo Jacoby:    ::


00:23:18    Davidson -- KENYA:    Thank you so much, Bro Leo, for generosity with info.

00:23:35    Annette Shaked:    Graceful invitation for After Chat Members to reflect/inquire which of the 4 fields today's "after chat" falls into

00:24:34    Annette Shaked:    ...weaving group reflection/self-inquiry and the model that was shared

00:24:58    Debra Kaiser:    We have the privilege of our two guests today, Susan and Hidde, who perhaps would like to share more with us on their work?

00:25:49    Kurt Krueger,    15 minutes ago, I found out that we have to put our 13 year old dog, Duke down. We’ll do it when our youngest son returns home on Wed.

00:26:24    Susan Taylor:    So sorry to learn of this, Kurt. My thoughts are with you and the family.

00:26:56    Kurt Krueger,    Thank you susan

00:30:59    Leo Jacoby:    Kurt, we share your grieving for Duke and your gratitude for the 13 years of joy Duke provided.

00:31:46    Kurt Krueger,    Yes, Duke brought so much wonder to our family. Thank you. :)

00:35:20    Susan Taylor:    I am learning so much here, and I am so sorry but I need to leave the call. Hidde, if you remain on, please catch me up.

00:35:23    Susan Taylor:    :-)

00:37:08    Kurt Krueger,    I’m working with Pakistan, Nigeria and S. Africa in UN-SDG’s 4 and 16.

00:37:27    Stanley Pokras:    Susan and Hidde, please send your email so we send you the daily reports we do for Humanity Rising and the AfterChat.

00:37:40    Susan Taylor:

00:38:39    Debra Kaiser:    My heart love to you Kurt and your family as you love up your precious Duke. xox

00:40:06    Hidde van der Pol:

00:40:18    Stanley Pokras:    ::

00:43:35    Amanda Sebris:    Thank you - so grateful from Toronto, 🇨🇦…everyone as well as our  Canadian government would benefit from Dialogue Creates. 🙏

00:44:09    Shannon McArthur:    I’m in Kamloops BC. Yes, Amanda, indeed.

00:45:48    diana:    STANLEY!!!!!

00:45:51    Hidde van der Pol:    Lets reach out to each other dear Mushin and let me know for sure when you visit Amsterdam!

00:46:20    Hidde van der Pol:    Dear all, so grateful to have been in Dialogue with you!! I have to leave. Bless u all!

00:46:32    Kurt Krueger,    Bless you Hidde

00:46:36    Debra Kaiser:    Yes Amanda, our Canadian government would benefit.  I too am from Toronto.

00:46:40    Amanda Sebris:    Thank you Shannon - more than ever. And yes Mushin to eliminating Manifest Destiny and Doctrine of Discovery.

00:47:56    Kurt Krueger,    I get to be with our grieving family now. :) Keep coming back it works when you work.

00:51:07    Amanda Sebris:    Hi Debra from Toronto


there is a design competition on in

Ottawa for Block 2 across from Parliament Hill for new offices for Senate - and it is set up around the former American Embassy which has been given to Indigenous People - a colonial building! It is unbelievable and they say they want to advance Reconciliation thru this project.

00:51:18    Carolyn:    what time, Shannon?

00:52:12    Amanda Sebris:    Thank you Shannon! love listening to you.

00:52:54    Leo Jacoby:    Here is my letter of invite to dialogue and research the injustices to indigenous peoples and possible redress. I include the letter with 43 other files on my Google drive accessible to all who have this link: ::

00:53:12    Stanley Pokras:    ::

00:54:07    Shannon McArthur: from 6-8 pm PT, TUESDAY & THURSDAY is Gaia’s Zoom Room

00:56:50    Debra Kaiser:    I must depart as I’m heading to work. Blessed day to all. xx

00:56:58    Leo Jacoby:    ::

June 22 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

How to Organize & Host Your own Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversations

00:58:00    diana:    Marie Louise Williams

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