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Dialogue Creates

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Hidde van der Pol & Susan Taylor
A Dialogue Among Participants

As colleagues who have worked together for nearly a decade, Susan Taylor and Hidde van der Pol have committed to a shared vision of the future founded upon inclusion, authenticity, and balance. Through Dialogue, they harness the power of co-creation with individuals, teams, and organizations around the globe, enabling the type of transformation that has the capacity to ignite the emergence of new realities.

Why now?

We are experiencing an increase in polarization worldwide. This divide continues to fuel “either/or” thinking; inequality; individualism; judging; hate speak; fragmentation; and endless discussions on who is right and who is wrong. At the same time, humanity is facing challenges that require “both/and” thinking; equality; unity; openness; acceptance; harmony; and an intention to fully understand one another.

From our combined 50+ years of experience, we know that the practice of Dialogue is theonlyway to maximize our influence to co-create new realities. Dialogue is the gateway to the emergence of our desired future where the sustainability of humanity and our planet can become a reality. The practice of Dialogue helps us to seek mutual understanding and harmony through seeing all others as legitimate and why its “quantum father”, Dr. David Bohm, labelled it with a capital “D”.

Dialogue is more than just a conversation. It is a practice with the requirement to do our inner work. In this, we enable ourselvestomaximize our influence to walk new paths that awaken new potentials we couldn’t see before—co-evolving to the higher levels of consciousness required to face the challenges of our time, as we createnew models for the world we all know is possible in our hearts.


  • Susan Taylor has devoted much of her life to exploring the deeper dimensions of human potential. As CEO of Generon International, Susan collaborates with leaders, teams and organizations to create more effective, advanced, conscious contributions to business and society. Susan is a certified group facilitator through Interaction Associates and a certified coach through CTA. She is ICF certified and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only organization for successful business and career coaches. Susan’s expertise in Generative Dialogue and executive coaching are routinely applied as she works with executives to build organizational cultures that are values-based and purpose-driven. Through advanced leadership development, Susan helps individuals, teams and organizations become more conscious through transformational experiences that inspire, educate and empower them to elevate humanity through business, helping to create a world in which business is both practiced and perceived as the greatest force for good. Susan has two daughters, Carolanne and Erin, and resides on Hilton Head Island, SC with her life partner, Christopher Walsh.
  • Hidde van der Pol has devoted much of his career focusing on challenging organizations and individuals to reconnect with their true selves to create clarity and higher consciousness in their personal and professional lives. His purpose is to replace outdated ways of thinking with a purpose driven, enlightened approach to everyday behaviors and long-term goals. His compassionate attitude combined with his encouragement of critical thinking leaves his clients prepared and inspired to take control of their destiny to fulfill their personal and professional dreams. His facilitations and guidance help clients to unwrap the gift of judgments and negativity and transform them into authentic power and creativity. Hidde is a certified facilitator at the Foundation for Natural Leadership; he also holds certifications and expertise in Cultural Transition Tools (Richard Barrett Values Centre); Systemic Dynamics in Organizations (Bert Hellinger Institute) and Extra Communicative Skills and Energy Reading (van Benthem Institute). Hidde is also an ICF certified executive coach by the MMS Worldwide Institute.


Recommended Links

Recommended Readings

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  • On Dialogue by David Bohm


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