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Humanity Rising Day 242 After Chat   –   Thursday May 6, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 242:

aka ChatPeople Chat

00:06:13    Diane Skidmore:    ::

00:08:13    Shannon McArthur:    Diane, don’t give up!! I want to hear your words!!

00:09:58    Jean Stevens:    Yes! I love the food and water in Italy.

00:10:32    Judy Hanmer:    Sorry my internet connection keeps going down, so will probably have to leave.

00:10:59    Diane Skidmore:    so glad to see you again Judy!

00:11:25    Jean Stevens:    Kat, the conference finally got edited last night.  Your video disappeared due to the lack of audio and we put a screen shot of you on before you came up live on the video so we could get your full discussion.

00:11:36    Kurt Krueger,    Could you find any book that would the answer this query in any of libraries or even the internet?

“What is the mystery of peace and justice, that when we were to discover and embrace, our realization of it would be faster and easier.”

How about using your creative genius? OR Collaborate with friends/neighbors and experience the synergy and more likely find an answer?

When you have any ideas that could bring peace in any manner, anywhere, anytime, please apply it and then share it ~ with us too…

00:11:37    Kurt Krueger,    When we take some responsibility for being the Peace where we are, we are then models for others to follow ~ the ripples begin with us!

Here’s a 12 minute video on a PeaceMaker Meditation handout. Groups are forming together or through teleconference to bring more Peace to the Planet. Here's a Meditation practice that can greatly help. ::  Peace with Everything, Everything with Peace will reverberate throughout your day… making it the focus and bringing more peace to you and ‘others.’


Peace LAB

LABoratory ~ experiments, investigates, researches, and explorations, and some emergent design … ALSO

LAByrinth ~ one winding, irregular, peaceful path in and out!

00:11:51    Debra Kaiser:    Thank you Steven.

00:13:49    diana:    Copper!

00:18:26    Kat Haber:    Thank you!

00:18:37    Kat Haber:    sending link?

00:18:45    diana:    Viktor Schauberger  

00:18:49    diana:    ::

00:21:39    Kurt Krueger,    Jean, I didn’t see the link to the ZOOM

00:21:42    diana:    "Today the Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger is considered to be a pioneer of modern water research and the holistic observation of Nature. As early as the first half of the 20th century he gave urgent warnings of the consequences of uncontrolled exploitation of the environment. As a way out he proposed a radical rethink and the development of totally new concepts of energy production, in harmony with Nature. Schauberger formulated his “C & C principle”: first one has to comprehend Nature, and then one should copy it. The applications of his ideas and his inventions include devices for refined drinking water, spiral pipes for carrying water with reduced friction, environmentally-friendly river regulation, as well as power generation from water and air using the principle of contraction and inward vortexing."

A fiilm by Franz Fitzke

00:23:20    Jean Stevens:  is where I registered for this in ten minutes:  

Thanks for signing up.

An Online Conversation on Peace, Russia, and the United States with Vladimir Kozin and Ray McGovern

Start: Thursday, May 06, 2021 • 1:00 PM • Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-04:00)  Here is the link via World Beyond War to register:  ::

00:25:20    Shannon McArthur:  is where I registered for this in ten minutes:  

Thanks for signing up.

An Online Conversation on Peace, Russia, and the United States with Vladimir Kozin and Ray McGovern

Start: Thursday, May 06, 2021 • 1:00 PM • Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-04:00)  Here is the link via World Beyond War to register:  ::

00:25:44    Debra Kaiser:    I’m in quiet listening mode at moment on a work task, but will come on when I can..

00:25:57    Kurt Krueger,    Meeting ID: 702 967 1334

Passcode: 4D.Ev^

00:26:32    Kurt Krueger,    The conference

00:26:33    Diane Skidmore:    And I have to go too. Awwwww Lovely to see you all - tomorrow - polarity!! Wonder if it's the polarity that I learned about xxxxx

00:27:16    Kurt Krueger,    Diane, love you =- have a magical day

00:29:11    Kurt Krueger,    Thanks Leo

00:30:31    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    I AM leaving - much love!!!

00:30:32    Leo Jacoby: is a promotion of $67 resource package by John & Ocean Robbins. The file I put in chat is simply copy from their website with background of the 25 speakers. You get two days to sample the collection free.

00:35:39    Kurt Krueger,    CU guys mañana. Enjoy the Play of Consciousness,

00:36:11    Debra Kaiser:    Hi Leo!  Hi Johann!

00:36:22    Leo Jacoby:    bye Kurt. May see you at the Zoom starting soon

00:36:43    Kurt Krueger,    PREVENT POLITICAL CORRUPTION is focused on only this. And has numerous ways to do it! 90% of the people in MANY countries would agree with either short video.

00:36:45    Kurt Krueger,    What a digital government looks like | Anna Piperal

What if you could help decide how the government spends public funds? | Shari Davis

14 minutes for more trust


A bold idea to replace politicians

César Hidalgo’s TedTalk has a radical suggestion for fixing our broken political system: automate it! In this provocative talk, he outlines a bold idea to bypass politicians by empowering citizens to create personalized AI representatives that participate directly in democratic decisions. Explore a new way to make collective decisions and expand your understanding of democracy. ::


David Bismark: E-voting without fraud

00:38:01    Johann François-Bongarçon:    Hi Debra! Sorry for the noise. Didn't know I was unmuted.

00:39:23    Shannon McArthur:    Chris Hedges

00:40:23    Leo Jacoby:    I've been enjoying this summit on emotions that Frank recommended on Tuesday: From Frank M Tedesco to Everyone:  12:55 PM ::

00:41:50    Shannon McArthur:    thank you, Leo. Interesting.

00:52:12    Leo Jacoby:    I tuned into the Zoom on ABM Treaty and will say ciao for now. Have a good day!

00:52:26    Shannon McArthur:    bye

00:59:28    Shannon McArthur:    Station 11

00:59:54    Debra Kaiser:    Emily St. John Mandel  St. Eleven

01:00:40    Shannon McArthur:    hey Johann!

01:00:46    Shannon McArthur:    Good to see you

01:05:32    Davidson--Kenya:    Hello everyone. I am in Kenya, Africa where I run a non profit working to bolster the resilience of vulnerable communities

01:07:06    Davidson--Kenya:    Schools resume next week in the midst of the 3rd wave of Covid 19. I will masks

01:08:00    Shannon McArthur:    Bless you, Davidson. May the children enjoy being together and bring blessings home with  them.

01:08:54    Davidson--Kenya:    providing masks, shoes and installing hand washing stations in schools using harvested rain water.

01:09:49    Davidson--Kenya:    scanning the horizon for partnerships (

01:10:25    Shannon McArthur:    warm soapy water and masks to keep hands away from mouths… good we are finding ways that work (best we can)

01:11:32    Davidson--Kenya:    Sorry my fon has run out of power. Good bye, love you all!

01:11:42    Shannon McArthur:    nice to see you!!

01:26:03    Debra Kaiser:    Perhaps when we turn off the recording, others will join, and the convo can continue…?

01:26:46    Shannon McArthur:    an idea, indeed

01:28:22    Shannon McArthur:    the continuity and wrap-up of the conversation we are engaged in seems important.

01:34:00    Shannon McArthur:    I have to go, my lovelies…  this has been really good. I look forward to finding ways to spread and highlight HR, and your brilliance!

01:34:55    Shannon McArthur:    funny how that works!!  love you, Stan! bye for now!


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